Wednesday, August 13, 2014

After the Storm

At some point in the wee hours of the morning I was awakened by a rather heavy rain. Saw The Missus Herself busy with a towel mopping up water next to the now closed window. My question to her was, of course, "Did the rain get in?"

Once again she looked deep into my eyes and said, "You're an idiot."

Yeah, pretty obvious situation. Windows were open when we went to sleep, the rain came, the wind shifted and suddenly we're taking on water. She could have said:
  1. "No, sometime during the night, a tsunami washed us out to sea and apparently our real estate agent lied about the sea keeping ability of our house."
  2. "Yes, honey the rain is coming through the open window. Apparently the screen mesh is too loose to keep moisture out."
  3. "No, the floor is actually dry I'm just using a damp towel to dust the window sill at three o'clock in the morning. The fact that it's pouring rain is simply a coincidence."
I guess I should count myself lucky that she is not as sarcastic as I am.

At any rate, when I went out to hop into Big Girl and go to work, the sky really caught my attention. So I snapped a photo.

I thought it was nice.

While I'm not really a morning person, I don't mind waking up to sights like that.

The skies around here can be spectacular at times.

This morning was one of those times.


  1. Is "You're an idiot!" the RI version of the NJ "You're a jerk!"?

  2. Sometimes it hard to engage brain, before engaging mouth.

  3. Rain? I think I've heard of that phenomenon, but haven't seen it in quite a while.

    1. The one thing they don't have "more of" in Texas. Rain.

  4. Some fool on tv said it rained somewhere around here.
    Sure couldn't prove it by me.
    But the other night I wish I'd had my camera to get a photo of the full Moon and clouds.

    1. The rain has been scarce out there.

      I missed the moon entirely. I need to start paying attention!

  5. Yep, clouds can either be beautiful OR deadly... depending...


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