Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yesterday's 2nd Post Was...


To say the least!

On the Mount Hope Bridge, Hog Island in the near distance.
(Past that, to the left by three miles, is TF Green Airport.)

For grins I decided to hold my cellphone up, thumb on the trigger, and just fire away at random on the drive home.

Most of the photos were blurry crap. Which is what happens when one is driving and not paying attention to the camera. I did get one nice picture of my right knee. Well, it looked like it. All I could really see was this blurry field of blue denim when I downloaded the photos.

So yes, I was attending to the driving chores. Not paying attention to the camera. For those who worry about such things. Just hang it to the left and press the button. Camera did all the work. Me? Eyes to the front.

Though it looks like the sun might be poking through...

That was pretty short lived!

So perhaps the title of yesterday's 2nd post should have been -

In Between Storms

"After the Storm" was, let's just say, wishful thinking.

I do know some folks who no doubt envy us the rain (Skip, Juvat, others in California and Texas). So while it's been wet, it's something we needed.

So we've got that going for us.


  1. Well, as they say down here, "The only time you can have too much rain, is when your flooding." Which brings me to a story.....

    1. Oh, now I get it.

      Yes, I am being a pain in the a$$. I make that mistake frequently, sometimes I catch it before I hit publish. Sometimes...

  2. I have in-laws in Detroit.
    I will not send them a link to this post.

    1. You know that I'm yanking your chain ...right?
      Thanks for the tribute post and your friendship.
      I am overwhelmed.
      Not by sadness, but by the outpouring of love.

    2. I knew that.

      You are loved. I'm glad you know that.

  3. Beautiful cheery New England day. I miss that...or not!


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