Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Stuff

Big Time and Little Bit watch the sunset over the Pacific
I'm going to take it easy today. It's been a long week with a lot of stuff going on.

The WSO is back from RIMPAC and she and Little Bit are coming back East for some home cooking and some good times.

Rumor has it that The Nuke, her man and our grand-dogs (Bear and Kodi) may be motoring on up from Virginia as well.

To say I'm excited about this week is a bit of an understatement.

It's a shame that Big Time can't make it, he's down in Key West teaching the fledglings how to make war in the Rhino. Doing his duty for God and Country.

He's a good man.

So while I have a couple of stories percolating, nothing is ready for Prime Time just yet. But to tide you over, here's a few pics from one of The WSO's squadron mates, Danica. (Yup, that's a call sign, she too is a Bullet WSO. She graciously gave me permission to share these with y'all.)

Marine Osprey onboard USS RONALD REAGAN, CVN-76. RIMPAC 2014 (Might be from VMM-161. I'm not sure.)

To say I love this photo would be an understatement.
Great shot Danica!

One of those "Wish you were here" photos.

Danica took these next few photos while looking out of her office window.

Yeah, I so want that view!

Okay, all you single seat types, look away, especially you Big Time, I know you got to do this while deployed. And you Aluminum Overcast-types, keep the rude noises and guffaws to a minimum, m'kay?

An F/A-18E of the Kestrels (VFA-137) provides "go juice" for a Bullet F/A-18F (VFA-2, Bounty Hunters, callsign "Bullet").

Thanks again for letting me use the photos Danica!

Greetings go out to CAG-2, ship's company of the USS RONALD REAGAN and all the men and women who were out there for RIMPAC this year.

Welcome Home!

VFA-2's CAG Bird (Double Nuts)

America's Flag Ship, the USS RONALD REAGAN, CVN-76. Back home in Sandy Eggo. (Hey, I've been there!) (CC)


  1. As always, enjoy the family. We'll be here when you get back!

    1. I count on that Juvat. Really.

    2. Now, on a snark note, did you photoshop that flattop photo. Didn't know we had enough anymore to put two in the same ocean.

    3. Heh, I don't think they're big deck carriers. They look too small to be Nimitz-class, Enterprise is decommed and Ford isn't in commission yet.

      I know there were some foreign flight decks out there too. Helo-carriers?

  2. Darn nice photos indeed. Have fun with the family, you've got a heckuva one to be proud of.

  3. Now that is Great photography !! I love the carriers too. Thanks for sharing

    1. She did get some great shots.

      You're most welcome Rob!

  4. And what Aaron and the other said...enjoy your family time--you've earned it--but don't leave us hanging here too long. ;-)

    1. Oh I shall, The Nuke confirmed her visit, unfortunately her man has to work. So we don't get to see him or the pups as she's flying up.

      Little Bit is sad, she really likes The Nuke's guy. (So do I for that matter!)

  5. The only picture better than the two flattops sailing together is the one of Big Time and Little Bit. A rich man, you are.

    1. And what's best of all, I know just how blessed I am.

      That first picture is one of my favorites.

      Thanks c w!


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