Tuesday, August 5, 2014


End of my street, back in the day(Google Maps, Street view)
It's a Tuesday in August and I am so far behind the power curve (blog wise) that I can't even SEE the curve, let alone be on it.

For starters, a week ago I (shudder) did not mow my lawn. While I am not a pariah in my neighborhood (yet) there have been rumblings. I cannot, for the life of me, remember why I didn't cut the grass. Was it inclement weather or just sloth on my part? Either would fit but that's neither here nor there. Bottom line, the grass was in dire need of cutting.

So, of course, Saturday it rained. Sunday I had an engagement out of town (in Mystic, CT) which precluded me from engaging in landscaping activities on Sunday. I was told by a colleague that while the weather in Mystic may have been tolerable (as in "did not rain"), the weather in Little Rhody was not good, drizzly and wet.

So even had I been home, the odds of being able to cut the grass were low.

Which left me having to do the dreaded "cut the grass after work" thing.

So Monday, I departed my place of employment fully prepared to break out the mower and cut the grass.

And (of course) on the way home it started to spit rain.

Fortunately, it didn't amount to anything. I was indeed able to break out the mower and cut the grass down to a reasonable height. The mutterings in the neighborhood have quieted (somewhat, I may still have to call out the Cossacks) and things are once again back to "normal" at Chez Sarge.

Nevertheless, instead of preparing a post last night to entertain all of you today, I was behind the mower, bagging grass, sweating and swearing.

Oh yeah, I also "had" to finish watching Generation War. So yes, I do feel a little guilty.

A little.

There is much that perturbs me now in the goings-on outside of my little world. I often ask myself if there is some natural selection process at work which has led to so many assholes being in charge of things. Both here and abroad. I may post on this, I may not.

Politics upsets my stomach. But every now and then I will overcome my aversion to that topic and provide a rant. I rant a lot in the car. Sometimes it's the other drivers, sometimes it's something I hear on the radio.

I should mount a dash cam in Big Girl. Nah, the language alone would give it an "R" rating, and I prefer to keep things here on the blog somewhat family friendly.

Though I often ponder what my grandchildrens' reactions would be to my use of the phrase "fire truck." Without the "ire tr" of course.


Das Leben geht weiter.


  1. "Das Leben geht weiter."

    BTW- there is absolutely nothing wrong with this post.
    Just because you want more doesn't mean we need more.
    Not every post has to be heroic.

    1. While I do strive to make each post rival The Odyssey, I am comforted to know that many will find this "good enough." (HSWHTPFIHC)

      I am my own worst critic.

  2. Do you rant in just English while driving? I find Deutch to be satisfying (what little I know).

    1. I will rant in bits and pieces of: French, German, Japanese, Korean, Zulu, Russian, Italian and (very rarely) Spanish.

      Depends on my mood.

      I use German to yell at dogs, it is something they find strangely comforting.

      (As for the Zulu, I know one phrase which translates roughly to "kill the wizards" most satisfying. Roughly spelled it sounds like "boola-lanee ab-ta-kachi")

  3. "I cannot, for the life of me, remember why I didn't cut the grass." And so it begins...that downhill slope to moments like, ' Why did I come into the kitchen', 'Where are my glasses' (while I'm holding them in my hand).....I've been sliding down the slope for awhile now. I havent yet gone to work with slippers on so there's still hope.
    I agree with your 'natural selection' idea, too many idiots in positions of authority. I find myself muttering under my breath constantly (not out loud...yet!)

    1. I'm starting to mutter where other people can hear me.

      Should I be concerned?

      Doesn't everyone go to work in their slippers?

      Who are you again?

  4. On the subject of ranting and muttering... I have found there are some things I can say aloud that any pre-schooler can use and they come across as innocuous.
    But when I use them in a certain tone of voice, they come across like a Marine DI lambasting the worst of the worst.
    I take great joy in turning the air blue with words your pastor might even use in a sermon.
    (and I don't mean biblical terms or the Lord's name).

    1. That, my friend, is a talent beyond measure.

  5. Ah yes, the neighborhood busy bodies... All of whom are retired... Sigh...

    1. And that's all they have to do, take care of their yards and bitch about everybody else.

      Ya got that right.


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