Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Day Late

There are three things I like about Fridays:

  1. it's the last workday of the week,
  2. preparing the Friday Flyby
  3. heading over to the daily timewaster and checking out c w's latest Friday Open Road
Well, today (for those not paying attention) is Saturday. Note the title of the post. Now with these clues, you should be able to figure out what the heck I'm talking about.

Well, lately c w puts up a link to the Friday Flyby at his place and I put up a link to the 
Friday Open Road at my place. Note that this didn't happen on my side yesterday. I'm guessing c w put the Friday Open Road up after my bedtime, or through the mystery of the web of worldliness, I just didn't see it before I wandered off to watch Netflix.

So after all that rambling, here's that link to the 
Friday Open Road, a day late, yes, but still well worth your time. It's one of those Friday things I look forward to. It's something that makes be sit back, relax and say, "Ah Friday..."

Even if I am a day late!

Update: Be sure to watch the video. People having fun on surf boards and enjoying life on the beach. Those surfers are amazing!

Say "Welcome Aboard" to our newest FNG, Mohave Rat, who provides us with his "two cents worth" over at his place. So everybody say "Hi" and then Mohave, you need to run down to the Class Six store and pick up some beer. I think Old NFO drank the last few in the fridge. (Keep an eye on him!)

Sorry Mohave, those are the rules, FNG buys the beer.


  1. Yep, worked nice and late Friday, so it took a while to get it up. Doesn't help that you are three hours ahead of me out in Rhode Island, but hey, it's all good on Fridays.

    1. It's all to the good. I really had nothing to post today. Getting my Friday Open Road fix on Saturday gave me something to post.

      I spent the rest of the day resting on my laurels. Such as they are. (Hhmm, actually I'm resting on your laurels!)

  2. thanks for the shout out! I might bring a bottle of beam over. just call me rat.

    1. Rat it is. I see that you're a fellow airman. Outstanding!

  3. Burp... Can I put in an order for some Cooper's Lager??? :-) And that IS a pretty shoebox!!!

    1. Jeez Old NFO. Again?

      Rat you heard the man, Cooper's Lager.

  4. Saw a '56 just like this (same paint) except convertible in Weatherford, TX this morning.


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