Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The King's Shilling

The Press Gang
Robert Morley
First of all, I wish to squash any and all rumors which have been circulating that the press gang has gone ashore to round up new members for the blog. Granted, there have been one or two isolated incidents of coin changing hands in pubs with chaps who have perhaps had too much ale and then woken up to find themselves "members of the blog". Not that this is a harsh fate in and of itself. We abandoned the lash here at Chez Sarge late last year. Warn't much profit in it.

But there has been a veritable gusher trickle of FNGs flowing up the brow lately. I'd love to attribute it to my fine writing and incredible wit, but I think it's the pictures. It has to be the pictures. Especially the airplane pictures. 
Ah well.

(Now how did that get there?)

So, without further ado, I'd like to extend my greetings, salutations and felicitations to the newest member of Chant du Départ, Rob - 

Now whenever a newbie signs in, I try to indicate whether or not they have a blog. With Monsieur Rob, I'm not so sure. However, through the use of "geometric logic"...

Um, well, perhaps the less said about that, the better. As I was saying, and Rob will need to confirm this but I believe that these two chaps are the same.

The fellow on the right being this blogger. Or so it seems. You can judge for yourself.


New member, and we all know the rules for FNGs. Except I've made a new one, when the Old NFO makes a mess behind the bar (not that I'm accusing him of anything) the FNGs don't have to clean it up.

No one deserves that.

No one...


  1. OldAFSarge,

    I may be the person ya'll so eloquently alluded to in this thread. Let me assure you I'm TDY over the pond at the moment anbut my DEROS is this coming Sept. Then it'll be back to North Carolina nestled in the shadows of the Smokies, kickin back, watchin my cardinals feed while sippin bourbon.

    You have a fine blog site and we have common interests. 20th century Military History + Military Aviation.

    Keep up the great work and I'll visit as often as time allows. Old NFO and I are acquainted via CTT.

    1. Why thank ye kind Sir.

      We'll leave a light on for ya.

  2. No worries us FNG are always getting the short straw. I worked as a janitor at our International Airport,(need I say more) and a parent of 5 kids with my first grand kid on the way.

    1. Not only are you okay with being an FNG but it sounds like you've received advanced training!

      Heh. Janitor at an International Airport? Yeah, I think 'nuff said on that.


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