Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekend in Sight!

Yes, the weekend is in sight. For me, it starts tonight! Hoorah for me.

In the interests of international solidarity and to ensure maximum coverage around the globe. Here's the above in a multitude of other languages. Some of which I would actually recognize if someone spoke them at me. Others I would simply stare blankly back at them and eventually mutter...

"Bloody foreigners!"

, el fin de semana está a la vista. Para mí, se inicia esta noche! Hoorah para mí.

Oui, le week-end est en vue. Pour moi, ça commence ce soir! Hourra pour moi.

, il fine settimana è in vista. Per me, inizia stasera! Hoorah per me.

Ja, ist das Wochenende in Sicht. Für mich beginnt es heute Abend! Hurra für mich.

Is ea, is é an deireadh seachtaine i radharc. Maidir liom féin, a thosaíonn sé anocht! Hoorah dom.

Да, в выходные дни в поле зрения. Для меня это начинает сегодня вечером! Ура для меня.

Ναι, το Σαββατοκύριακο είναι το θέαμα. Για μένα, ξεκινάει απόψε! Hoorah για μένα.

Ja, het weekend is in zicht. Voor mij, het begint vanavond! Hoera voor mij.

Ja, er det helg i sikte. For meg begynner det i kveld! Hoorah for meg.

네, 주말 광경입니다. 나를 위해, 오늘 밤 시작! 나를 위해 만세.
So, until next time. Which may be later tonight or not until tomorrow. It all depends on when the grandkids show up. (Yes, sorry dear reader but the progeny of the progeny do have priority. Nothing personal mind you but they are family. Not that you aren't familiy in a "we're all in this together" kind of way but we are talking blood relations here. Sorry.)

Um yeah, Old AF Sarge out...


  1. You left out:
    Is ea, is é an deireadh seachtaine i radharc. Maidir liom féin, a thosaíonn sé anocht! Hoorah dom.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Um, gotcha covered Skip. Fifth line down from "Bloody foreigners".

      It has been a long week!

  2. Replies
    1. Pig Latin. Darn it, I knew I missed a language!


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