Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome To June

Impatiens Psittacina
"Parrot Flower"
This has to be one of the coolest looking flowers I have ever seen. The Missus Herself had a bunch of photos of these which one of her friends had sent to her. It really looks like a parrot!

Just had to share this. Also to show you that it's not all airplanes, goofiness and ranting here at Chant du Départ.

Though that is what you'll get most of the time.

Oh, I have to mention that those lovely specimens were not photographed in the gardens at Chez Sarge, these grow in Southeast Asia, specifically (from what my sources tell me) in Thailand. And just to warn you let you know, I have a story which involves Thailand. Which I will tell someday. If I remember.

H/T to the Missus Herself!


  1. Never saw any of those while I was in Thailand. Then again, we were looking for blooms of an entirely different sort.


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