Friday, June 14, 2013

Prayers for Joe...

The Scribe and The Brass
Joe Galloway, Gen. Hal Moore, & Col. Ted Swett
According to blog buddy SKK
Joe Galloway (We Were Soldiers Once... And Young) has had to undergo surgery for a serious lung condition.

Prayers for Joe...


  1. I hope Mr. Galloway beats what's ailing him. My best thoughts...

  2. I will be praying for Joe. I had not heard that he was ailing. If you go to my blog and search Ia Drang, you will see that I have posted a few times on my trips to Washington DC to attend Ia Drang Veteran reunions with my uncle, Retired Lt. Col. Robert Barker.

    Joe is a great guy, but a bit liberal sometimes.

    1. Thanks Lou. I'll need to search your blog for those posts.

      Joe does tend to be a little liberal at times. But I don't hold it against him, he's still one of the good guys.


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