Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mea Culpa

I'm sure y'all remember this post - 

A most excellent tale as you may recall. (Well, if you don't, here it is. There will be a quiz later and this will be on the Final! Better go read it, I'll wait.)

Point is, I was looking through the Master Comment Listing (or MCL as I like to call it) when I realized that I had not checked the spam filter in months. Hhhmm, I wonder if there's anything in there. So I go and have a look. (Besides which, the Tech Order says to check the desiccant periodically, otherwise those spam comments will get mushy and start to smell!)

Sure enough, there's a comment stuck in the filter. But it's not spam! It's from fellow blogger and all around super great guy and renowned warrior, XBradTC. I mean it's a purely lovely comment. No harm in it whatsoever. I have no idea by what cursed process this innocent comment wound up in the spam filter.

Believe me, those responsible will be sacked!

And (if you were just too busy to go back and look) here's the comment we all missed (um yeah, okay, I missed it, none of you were responsible. Though I'm keeping an eye on Six and Rumbear. You guy's are up to something I just know it. Stop smiling Brigid, I would not bet against you being the brains behind whatever is being plotted. If anything. Just sayin'...)

Oh yes, the comment - 

Old AF Sarge


  1. Yup. Gotta check that spam folder. Thanks for the reminder; I just checked mine... 5x5.

  2. Replies
    1. The Cat's Away bell? Never heard it called that, but very appropriate. Thanks for extending my knowledge of the Navy. (And why haven't my kids briefed me in on this? I shall have to chastise them.)

  3. Eh wot?

    "There are no spam comments"

    ....besides, I prefer mine in a can.

    1. These are not the spam comments you were looking for...

      I prefer my Spam dipped in egg and then fried. Um, yummy,


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