Saturday, March 15, 2014

North Bound

F/A-18F Super Hornet of VFA-22
Strike Fighter Squadron Twenty Two, the Fighting Redcocks. Their mascot is the Rhode Island Red Rooster. How could I not like these guys? (They're with CAG-17 on the USS Carl Vinson, CVN-70. Based at Lemoore, I have kin there. In case you forgot.)

All that to let you all know that the Sarge and his flying circus will be semi "off the grid" this weekend. We're heading North for to visit the ancestral lands. Little Bit has not seen her Great-Grandmother in two and a half years. As she was only five months old at the time, I doubt she remembers.

I asked her, "Do you remember visiting Great-Grandma a couple of years ago?"

"Grandpa, I was a baby. I don't remember that." She's a precocious little thing. (Which is my way of saying that she is no doubt vastly more intelligent than I.)

Of course, I will have the trusty "smart" phone in hand. So I will be reading comments and if I get real ambitious I may even try to post. Just don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. May I remind you of what I said here, giant sausage fingers, little tiny "keyboard". It can get really ugly. Not sure if I want to inflict that on you, my loyal readers.

Until I return, read those folks lined up over there along the starboard rail. Go read the archives. Heck, maybe Tuna will chime in with one of his well-reasoned "pithy" political rants.

Enjoy the weekend!


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