Sunday, September 14, 2014

And now for something complete different! (a continuing series)

Life has been busy recently, and it doesn't seem to be getting any less so.  I haven't been as prolific here at Chez Sarge as I'd like to, but I found a little time today while watching NFL and NASCAR.  There is much for me to do, with some in-laws and their new baby coming to visit this week, but it's a torrid 95 degrees outside so I'll stay comfortably hidden inside with the A/C cranked up (or is it down?)  My mood is a bit subdued anyway with that Hobo going down last week, which makes me miss someone.  So today is another one of those days when it's just better to take a deep breath, relax, and look at some beautiful sunsets.

Credit for the pic of the SHWFOTS* bird goes to Jim Markiewicz)

Since I started with the Viking, followed that up with Lex's Command-at-Sea, I felt I should patronize our humble host with a nice Phantom photo.
It's not all aviation today.  When I relax, my mind often drifts to thoughts of the beach.  Not that my Irish heritage lends itself to sun-bathing, but I do enjoy vacationing, and sunsets over the water.

Random sunset pic snagged from Pinterest

Sunset through the surf in Bora Bora 
I don't think I'll be vacationing on Easter Island anytime soon, but I like the picture. He kinda reminds me of Sarge!

Another sunset in Bora Bora.  I just might have to visit there someday. 
Sunset in Santorini Greece.  Another place on my list. 
This one surprised me.  I thought it was somewhere in the North East, but nope- Lake Michigan.

Our Almighty sure knows how to paint.
Ok, enough of that for now.  Back to some more aviation-centric sunsets...

The A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog!) might be flying off into the sunset soon, but not today.  It's a two-fer with the Prowler.

Another Warthog

Sunset and afterburner!  (I had thought it a Mig-21, but was informed 
post-publication that it's a Brit Electric Lightning)
(Artwork by Steve Kerry Source)

Russkie I think. Foxhound?  It's been a while since my last recce exam though so I'm a bit out of practice.

Time to land for a bit and refuel.  So here's some pictures of land, and I'll refuel my drink.

Glacier Lake National Park

Maui Hawaii

Sunset over San Diego

The Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego

Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach San Diego

Picture taken from my sunroom

Sunset from the Coronado Strand
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) in Guam

Ok, time to get this post back into the air.

There's a Navy Squadron called the Sunday Punchers.  Here's a sunset puncher.

Sunset over RAF Marham

VFA-213 Blacklion getting some pinkie time

VFA-31 Felix doing the same

The JSF on its first night flight

And now for something even more completely different- Littlebirds at Sunset

Seeing how the only flight time I'm getting these days is on vacation or when traveling for work, I'll leave you with some commercial aviation sunset pics.  

My own photo taken somewhere between Houston and Hilton Head.
*Shi# Hot World Famous Orange-Tailed Shrikes of VFA-94 (one of Lex's outfits)

Images borrowed under fair use from the U.S. Navy, Google or Pinterest.  Author claims no ownership of any pictures, except where noted.  All pictures used remain the property of their owner using standard "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976," which is made for "fair use".


  1. The bird at max climb (sunset and afterburner) is a British Electric Lightning. The giveaway are the two engines mounted one on top of the other.

    Great post Tuna. I really needed this today.

    1. As the artist who painted that Lightning pic, I was surprised to see it all over the internet - and disappointed that my name had been cropped off just about every one of them. Would you mind adding a link to the original?
      Cheers, Steve Kerry

    2. Link added and your name indicated as the artist.

      Beautiful work Mr Kerry!

  2. Beat me to it! There's a couple of Lightning planesicles on display at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait. We used to drive by them all the time when I was doing my security force tour. That over/under engine configuration just looks weird to me....

  3. I saw the Hobo sunset pic the other day and had to find the time to post it.

    1. Most appropriate. And appreciated.

      It was a rough weekend.

  4. The Ruskie isn't a Foxhound. Tis a SU-24 Fencer.

    Great pics all around.

  5. This one surprised me. I thought it was somewhere in the North East, but nope- Lake Michigan.

    That shouldn't surprise you... Michigan has 3,224 miles of coastline and it's all fresh water! Of course that lighthouse in the pic MIGHT be in Ill-annoys, but let's not quibble.

    I don't think I've seen a better collection of sunsets (or sunrises) in one place, ever.

    1. Roger that. I've spent almost no time in the Midwest, and none in the Great Lakes region. Maybe I should visit.


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