Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Muse Has Escaped!

At some point in the night my Muse executed what was obviously a long standing escape plan. The guards tell me that the tunnel (while crude) seems to have been in place for quite some time.

You may not be aware of this but the last time my Muse deserted me, she was quickly recaptured and placed under house arrest. After a brief (but fair) trial she was remanded to custody for a period not to exceed one year and not less than six months.

It has become obvious to all of us here at the Chant du Départ that my Muse has not been herself since the great copyright controversy of mid-July of this year. She had been seen to be drinking heavily prior to her incarceration and hanging out with disreputable elements.

An APB has been issued, roadblocks have gone up across New England, New York and Quebec, drone surveillance flights have increased and an inquiry to Interpol has gone out.

She must and will be recaptured.

Until then, go read those folks on the sidebar.

(It's always tough coming up with good material after a Juvat and/or Tuna posting. They have great stories. I mean come on, they were aircrew! Way cooler than what I did back in the day and certainly cooler than my current job. Don't fret, I'll think of something.)


  1. I mean come on, they were aircrew! Way cooler than what I did back in the day and certainly cooler than my current job. Don't fret, I'll think of something.)

    What, not stories of tormenting obnoxious officers or petty tyrants? My NCOs were masters in that area.

    1. Hhmm, I hadn't thought of that genre...

      "Mean things I've done to officers. Officers who weren't related to me that is."

      Time to did into the old memory banks! Thanks for the idea WSF!

    2. Just as long as one of those guys wasn't a wet behind the ears 1Lt with a penchant for overstressing aircraft and who was so green he probably didn't realize he was being pwned!

    3. Nope, don't know anyone like that...

  2. You're doin' fine.
    Just think, you post almost daily, you also are gainfully employed, and none of your stuff is crap.

    1. Why thanks Skip. You too Juvat.

      God only knows what will come of WSFs suggestion above. I have, at times, been cruel to my officers. But that was a long time ago, statute of limitations may apply.

    2. Ooh!
      We could set up an entire blogoverse of ossifer cruelty...
      ...and revenge [insert evil laugh here]

    3. Excellent Skip! And because you were Navy and I was Air Force it would be a "Joint" effort! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Don't even get me started on "way cooler than my present job". Staring at 4 computer screens all day long is a long fall from what once was.

    1. So, my current job is "way cooler" than your current job?

      Why yes, yes it is. (I make more money now, but was happier wearing the blue. So to speak, I was usually in BDUs.)

    2. Wouldn't take much for just about anybody's job to be way cooler than mine. It pays the bills, is somewhat meaningful, but cool? Not so much.

    3. Well, you are involved with edu-ma-cating the young'uns, which is meaningful.

      I'm a defense contractor, trying to make sure the grown up young'uns have the right tools to put "warheads on foreheads" - right now it's a scientific, non-military project, but it's dealing with oceanographic/meteorological data, which is cool.

      I know a lot of jobs which, from my point of view, suck. But the folks who have those jobs love'em.

      Takes all kinds I suppose.

      (You have four computer screens. I only have two. Which is more than enough. Just sayin')

    4. I think three screens is nirvana. One for monitoring things, one for working and one for research (AKA Google). Two over two, puts the top two kinda out of view but that's all the space I've got now. Up until the new guys in the office showed up, I had 6 and that was WAY too many. Gave up two to the new guy, mo' bettah!

    5. I could use more screens at home. For the flight sims, whenever I get the chance to use them that is. Maybe an hour or so every other month.

      Which is nowhere near enough.

  4. What Skip said, to begin with. But about yer Muse... mayhap she's rendezvousing with MY Muse somewhere for a couple o' beers and a cigar or two.

  5. Always remembered something the author Steven Pressfield said about how he writes a book. No matter how inspired he is, how he feels, he sits down and starts....writing. He hopes that the Muse, whereever she is, will come back.

    For 4 hours. A lot of it is crap but it can be edited or cut later. Said that's what separates the amateurs from the pros.

    With a blog it is different.

    Rather than one theme you try to come up with different themes. I read Neptunus Lex and think he was amazing - to write everything from sea stories to.....almost getting a ticket by the CHP. To his daughter at an equestrian event. To the boredom of working in a cubicle and giving Powerpoint presentations after a career of flying FA/18s. . Even with that, he could write such that the reader felt the boredom.

    He wrote about life, in real time.

    I'm feeling deficient because the blog that has his name - the lexicans - is empty from new submissions so many days. I don't know what to write. Which might be to say my life is more boring than his was!

    We're in the same boat!

    Juvat - you may think your job is boring but your other job - punching holes in the sky - more than compensated for whatever you are doing now! But in thinking about this as I am writing you are in the same spot Lex was in. How do you top - or even compare - what you did to what you now do?

    The amazing thing I have found about life - is that along the road stuff you don't think was all that great at the time, looking back - was great. Hmm, maybe I see a theme coming for the Lexicans :-)

    1. You're right, of course. Right above my bank of monitors is a picture of a four ship of Eagles that's going to figure prominently in a future post. It serves many purposes. It allows me to remember some great times, and one horrible time. It also serves to remind me that life isn't so bad even though I'm not pulliing G's.

    2. Good advice Bill. I have a lot of posts in the "Draft" bucket, many of which will never see the light of day. Sometimes I just start writing and the Muse will show up. Other days, I sit at the computer and get the mental "blue screen of death" - my onboard processors just don't want to fire.

      So I watch Netflix.


  6. MOAR planes!

    MOAR tanks!

    Get a DOG!

    These helpful suggestions brought to you by Murphy's Law.

    1. Planes, tanks - both are very good things.

      But, while I do love dogs, our two cats would strenuously object. As they do when The Nuke and her dog come to visit. Poor Bear (The Nuke's pup) has enough scars on her nose.


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