Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh! That Video (actually there are two...)

A Tale of Two Ales
(The Naval Station Sandy Eggo church key is in focus here. A gift from The WSO.)
So yesterday I related, in somewhat abbreviated form, my technological struggles. Caught betwixt cell phone and computer, I was bound to come up short.

Especially after consuming those two ales pictured above in a somewhat expeditious manner.

It was hot. It was humid and I had just finished mowing the lawn. So the first ale (Old Brown Dog) went down awfully fast. Leaving me thirsty still.

So the Pumpkin Head was popped and consumed. All the while I was playing with the purpose built camera and the camera in the cell phone.

All file type issues have been resolved. I played with a number of tools, editors and the like and was left discouraged and teed off. (That was probably the alcohol. I am a cheap date. Two beers and I get goofy.)

But the Tube of You can be your friend. It doesn't care about the file format. All it seems to care about is, "Is it a video?"

The answer being "Yes!" I now have a couple of videos I wish to inflict on share with you.

Sorry. If you can't bear to watch a slightly grungy 61-year old (who needs a shave and whose hat seems coated with many generations of sweat) while he (that would be me) pontificates and quaffs an ale (or two), then you'd best turn away.

This video thing is new to me, I've only done it once before, it was kinda fun. I may do it again. That depends somewhat on you. And me.

Probably a story there. Which starts with "Once upon a time..."

I'll leave the "There I was..." stories to Juvat. He's good at that kind of thing.

That was with the purpose built camera. Next, the cell phone.

I don't know what the heck I was doing with my eyes in that second vid. Kinda creeped myself out!

So there you go. Two videos for the price of one. (Still free, gratis and no charge!)

What will I think of next.

Whatever it is Sarge, it better be entertaining!


  1. "...or somethin,'"

    Thanks for remembering the lesson.
    BTW - you could just say "over" if you want responses.

  2. THought you might like this:

  3. I had a few Smutty Nose brews when I journeyed to Maine a couple o' years back... and every single one of 'em were great. We're truly living in the Golden Age of American Beer right now, as we speak.

    Your accent is quite as New England as I expected. I suppose that comes from a life of being sent around the world every two or three years, ne?

    What's the "IYA" on yer shirt mean?

    1. Your accent is quite as New England...

      That should be ISN'T. We're not fully caffeinated yet, which is the functional equivalent of drunk blogging. Sorta.

      My internet is up and down this morning, too. That doesn't help matters.

    2. The current variety pack from Smutty Nose was my first sampling of that elixir. Most excellent. Golden age of American beer? Absolutely concur on that one.

      I have lost a great deal of my New England accent. It is due to having been around the world (literally) and trying to make myself understood in a number of different languages. Korean and German mostly. Though there are places in the US and the UK where my ability to understand English is tenuous at best. (I knew what you meant the first time. Concur with the not-enough-caffeine blogging = drunk blogging. I've done both!)

      IYA was the organization on our NATO base which coordinated a number of youth activities. Mostly sports. IYA = International Youth Activities. Primarily US and Canadians but the odd Norwegian and German would participate from time to time. It was through them that I coached soccer, girl's softball and was a Little League umpire. Without the IYA a lot of kids would have been up to no good. A great organization!

    3. Speaking of accents, you and Juvat should compare notes as to mine. (See his comment below.)

  4. Now, THAT was funny! Although from your photos, I had imagined a much more Baritone voice, kinda Churchillian if you will. The New England accent was about what I expected. Noticeable, but still understandable. Video personality matches up with the written personality, So, all in all, the Czechoslovakian Judge gives you a 7 out of 10 on your video productions.

    1. Heh.

      My own voice surprises me every time I hear it.

      As to the Churchillian tone, you've given me an idea. Probably a bad idea, along the lines of "Hey, watch this..."

      We shall see. (I'll settle for 7 out of 10, especially from the Czechoslovakian guy. Poor bastard has no country these days...)

    2. Well, you know what the last words spoken in a redneck car wreck are? "Hey, watch this...." I remember being the Duty Officer at Kadena, and having a D-model come on the schedule as a single ship with a 1Lt on an advance handling ride. The Lt comes and asks me if his buddy, another 1Lt, can ride along with him. I told him that was fine, but he was limited to the instrument pattern and could not go to the area. Squadron Commander came up to me later in the day and asked him why I did that. I looked him in the eye and told him, I didn't want the last words on the tape to be "Hey, watch this..." He said "Good Call."

  5. Hey watch this... shudder... And especially if booze is involved... :-)

    1. I so understand...

      Not that I've ever done anything like that...

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Susie, The Missus Herself has worked wonders with it. She's the brains and the artistic talent. I just lift heavy things.


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