Sunday, September 7, 2014

Land and Sky

The Veggie Garden at Chez Sarge
I was made aware yesterday that this was the opening weekend of the NFL season.

I realized today just how little I care about that. As I write this, the locals are no doubt raving and cheering as the Patriots play the Dolphins.


I've already missed the first game, oh well. I was in Maine, I had better things to do than sit down in front of the television.

It's too early in the year for this. I'm on my own schedule this year. The heck with the NFL and the many hours of commercials they inflict on the viewing public. I can't stomach it anymore.

Take your commercials and go. No, thanks for asking but I'm not interested in whatever crap you're selling and the "clever" way some Madison Avenue type came up with to present it. I know what I like and I seriously doubt that whatever lame jingle/funny saying/scantily clad lady you're using to sell whatever it is you're selling will influence me to buy it.

There it is.

Heresy, I know. What red-blooded American male doesn't care about football?

Hey, I enjoy the game but I'm not going to reschedule my life around it. It will be here until early February. I may catch a game or two sometime in there.

But for now, I think I'll kick back, have a beer and enjoy my backyard. The sky is intensely beautiful today. I snapped some pictures.

The cicadas are singing today, up in those trees.

View from the veggie garden
View to the south...
The blue of the sky is particularly spectacular today.
A rainshower in the night cleared all the gunk out of the air.
Some of my favorite trees.
As a child of the forest, this speaks to me.
Lookin' good in the neighborhood.

The view looking to the ground is pleasant as well.

Moss roses, another favorite thing.

I'll watch football later in the fall. For now?

I'm enjoying late summer / early fall in New England.

I am blessed.

And thankful for it.


  1. Sights and sounds remembered. I've mentioned before that any day and especially on Sundays ( I was home not at work) you could look up and see multiple jet and contrails of the flights from europe heading south.

    1. When we returned from Europe and hit the coast of Maine, I had a big thrill looking down and spotting Wells Harbor.

      When up there last week, at Wells Harbor, I looked up and there was a contrail. No doubt a flight coming in from Europe.


  2. I remember a pair of phantoms rocking our grade school in Waldoboro, Maine one morning, they must have passed the mach or close to it, as the fire alarm was rung in the thought that the schools boiler had exploded. Rumor had it that one of the pilots was a teachers son saying hi to mom. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for bringing the memories back, Sarge. Oh those lost days of youth, lying in the wind furrowed long grass of the neighbors back 40 as the parade of clouds passed by.

    1. That IS cool stuff.

      I just came in from the backyard.

      It. Is. A. Perfect. Day.

  3. The Steelers are on here. Someone cares, but not me. :)

    1. I hear you Susie. I turned the tube on for perhaps one minute.

      Bleh. Went outside in the shade next to the pond and had a Shock Top Apple Wheat beer, something my daughters introduced me to, way better than football!

    2. You B@%#ard! Never liked you very much! You have too much fun for an old fart. (kidding) Good day to enjoy what you will.

    3. Heh, thanks Glenn. (I get that a lot.)

  4. I am not as into the game as I used to be, I think it is because there are multiple games on every day and night, college or pro. I still do watch, but like you say I don't schedule my life around it as much as I used to.

    1. And the commercials drive me insane. Way too many of those.

  5. Your pictures beat a television any day of the week! Really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Haven't watched a Pro Football Game since I went to a Chief's game while at ARRRMMMEEE Training Sir! Drunk sitting behind us managed to spill beer on my wife three times. First time is an accident, second time he apologized, third time he laughed. I went and got the cops. Pro Athletes=Overpaid Thug (with a few exceptions). Meh is right!

    1. It amazed me. A free Sunday in September. No football. No problem.

      (Thug is right!)

  7. We followed the Rams (and baseball Cardinals) while living in the St. Louis metro area, because it was in our faces all autumn long. After a dozen years in Alaska, where there are NO pro teams, we found long ago that we not only stopped following the teams, but don't really care. There are the mountains, and moose, and bears, and wildlife galore. Volcanoes, glaciers, eagles, whales ... who has time to spend four hours in front of a TV to see 4.7 minutes of play?

  8. Been a Giants (MLB) fan since '58 and a 'Niners (NFL) fan since at least '51.
    Heck, I even have some gear to prove it.
    But this year I just can't seem to get excited.

    1. I've heard that from a lot of people this year.

      We are not alone.

  9. Heresy, I know. What red-blooded American male doesn't care about football?

    Well, there are two of us, if your lack of interest holds. F**k the NFL; football is played on Saturdays in my world (and hockey is played at ANY time).

    Is it October yet?

    Oh, yeah: Nice pics! ;-)

    1. Not watching football on Sunday was liberating. I feel like a new man.

      For Saturday football, does one count the SEC? (I despise the SEC.)

      The only college game I watch is Army-Navy. Michigan if I'm hanging with Big Time.

      I actually did watch some hockey last year, which is unusual because I haven't really followed hockey since I was a kid.

      Too many fisticuffs, not enough actual hockey. That being said, Olympic hockey is the ONLY reason to watch the Olympics. That is a thing of beauty!

      Oh, that and the curling. (I'm only half kidding.)

      It isn't October yet. Blink your eyes though and it'll be right on top of us!

    2. For Saturday football, does one count the SEC? (I despise the SEC.)

      I don't like the SEC, either, but the conference did get a lot better when the Aggies joined. Speaking o' Michigan... your son-in-law prolly was beside himself on Saturday. ND beat the livin' SNOT out o' Michigan in their last scheduled meeting for a good long while. It was a thing of absolute BEAUTY. We laughed a lot during that game.

    3. And that's gonna leave a mark!


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