Saturday, September 6, 2014

'Tis Better to Light One Candle...

...than to curse the darkness.

I was thinking the other day about how I don't rant and rave much here. There are times when I think about it but I let it pass. I don't want to write anything which I might regret later. But don't get me wrong, there are things in the world which rile me up a great deal.

First of all, don't get me started on Russia and the PRC. (The bad old days redux!)

The situation in the Middle East is a disaster.

The situation on our southern border is a disaster.

The situation in Washington DC is a disaster.

Neither political party represents "we the people" any more. They represent whoever contributes the most money to their reelection. Want to help put a stop to that? Well, just send your money to...

Yeah. "F" that. The only way to effect change is to stand on your hind legs and bark back at those in power. Contributing money is a scam, some "administrator" pockets a big chunk and the rest goes in some politician's pocket. To, you know, bring about change.

Best way to fix things? Vote the sumbitches out. Every election. New blood each and every time. Term limits, term limits, term limits. No reelection, ever. You get one shot. Period. There's your campaign finance reform.

Your term is over? Go get a real job like the rest of us. No pensions for politicos, it's a duty, not a birthright!

Political donations? Make them illegal. You get caught giving money to a politician, you go to prison. Period. Give everyone running for office a chunk of money, air time or ads on the freakin' internet. On the taxpayer. Keep corporations and labor unions out of government.

Something has to change.

But here at the Chant du Départ I aim to keep the fare light and humorous. Give you a place to get a chuckle. After all, the original mission of the blog was to be a legacy to my grandchildren. So they could look back and see what a goofy guy I was. A guy who loved life and the opportunity to live it.

A cold beer now and again is also nice. Just sayin'.

So don't let the bastards get you down. Enjoy yourselves, do your jobs and come November let's put some new folks in office. Folks not beholden to someone with a fat purse if we can.

If that's even possible anymore.

Democrat, Republican, I don't care. Like I said, both parties suck right now. Vote your conscience, do what's best for the country. Do not vote for free stuff. There's no such thing. Eventually the bill will come due. It will be onerous.

At any rate, rather than curse the darkness, be a light unto others.

You can light a candle, or you can be a candle.

But hey, lighten up America.


  1. I truly wish I read more that feel the same way, none of my neighbors. They are either believing it is all getting better and will be great soon or another party will change everything and make it all right. Sigh.

  2. That's some of the best advice I've ever seen, Sarge. Bravo Zulu!

  3. "...both parties suck right now..."

    I'm at the point where I claim to be an Independent, rather than be painted with broad brush that opposition parties use to smear their opponents.
    I truly hate that things are either black or white and nothing bleeds into grey.
    The pols will look you right in the eye while they pretend to care about what you're telling them.

    1. Independent is the way to go. It's the only label I'll accept.

    2. I accept the small-L libertarian label. Which means I'm an Independent here in NM, coz we only get two other choices, neither o' which float my boat any longer.

    3. That's not a bad way to go Buck.

  4. Term limits, term limits, term limits!

  5. Yep, vote em ALL out every time...

  6. NICE! You need to do this a bit more often, and there's nothing wrong with turning off the filter every once in a while. I do it quite often as you know, and I have never regretted anything. I might change my opinion based on updated facts or a changing situation, or write a retraction based on the same, but I don't regret ranting in the first place. My principles are sound enough that regret usually doesn't become an issue. I'm also an equal opportunity ranter now, because I agree that neither side adequately represents me. And bad government is bad government, no matter which side is in power. Incumbents and long-term politicians only cement their power base which helps them become further entrenched and able to fool the low education, common senseless, and emotional voters. Pericles said, and I agree wholeheartedly that "My own opinion is that when the whole state is on the right course it is a better thing for each separate individual than when private interests are satisfied but the state as a whole is going downhill."

  7. You should teach a 'ranting' class: straight to the point, no added fluff and then smile and move on. Nicely done, thank you for pretty well representing how I feel about the state of things, such as they are.

    1. It's from the heart Greg, just say what's in your heart and you can't be far off.

  8. But here at the Chant du Départ I aim to keep the fare light and humorous.

    That's a sound policy. Somewhere a couple o' years back I arrived at the same sort o' conclusions as you apparently have... there's little or no ranting at EIP these days. An occasional heartfelt rant works for me but I've quit reading a lot of bloggers who rant about the same damned things, day after day after day. That stuff gets tiresome after a while.

    1. Tiresome is right. You can only cry "wolf" so many times. Rant and rave enough and it just gets tedious.


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