Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roses and More

As many of you know, from the many pictures posted herein, The Missus Herself has created quite a nice garden. I can spend hours there. I have at times done exactly that. Sometimes I'm not chasing the lawn mower but actually just sitting in the shade of one of our trees...

Smelling the breeze...

Listening to the birds singing...

And watching the clouds roll by.

Back in the Fall of '99 we moved into this house. Our very own house. Our very first. Twenty-four years of being nomads was over. We were home.

The yard was grass, much of it of the crab variety. The backyard had been the domain of a rather large (though friendly) dog, with all that entails. Holes, patches of dead grass and (though not the dog's fault) a small pile of what appeared to be roofing debris. I believe that at some point in time, the previous owner had either re-done the roof of the shed or had planted shingles and such in the hopes that a brand new shed would spring from the ground. (It did not, I'm here to testify.)

My lovely wife threw herself into the task of creating an oasis of beauty in this desert of drab and listless grass. (And futile attempts to grow new sheds.)

Take a look at some of the results. But listen to this song while you do. I enjoy this song, it's very apropos as to my feelings for the beautiful young lady who left her native land to travel the world with this grumpy old sergeant. Along the way, God blessed us with three beautiful children, their awesome significant others and three lovely grandchildren (so far). Now I sit in the garden and thank my Maker for all of my many blessings. They number more than the grains of sand on the beach.


Flowers and shrubbery along the eastern ramparts of Chez Sarge
More shrubbery and a tree which began life as a small twig. Seriously.
The roses are legion in m'Lady's garden. The aroma being most pleasant.
Not sure what these are, they look kinda alien. But they're kinda cool too.
A selection of cosmos, these remind The Missus Herself of home. Her Mom had quite a few.
My sainted mother-in-law is gone, the flowers remain. As does the memory of her smile.
Where I sit and contemplate life and eternity.
(And quaff the occasional malted beverage!)
The colors in her garden leave me breathless at times.
More cosmos. In front of another of our beloved trees.
The Missus Herself refers to these as "autumn blossom" - regardless of what they're called, I love 'em.
And so it goes, in our wee garden by the Bay.

Did I help with the garden? Of course.

This being New England, I do believe I dug up most of the rocks dragged down from Canada during the last Ice Age. Oh yeah, I also dragged away the flotsam and jetsam from the "shed garden."


I pick things up. I put them down.


  1. Enjoy 'em while they last. Winter is coming. But the Garden IS beautiful!

    1. Oh yes, I will. Heh, are you one of the Winterfell Juvats?

      I plan to take photos from similar perspectives during the run-up to winter and during the winter. Just for comparison's sake. Though I suppose it depends on how harsh the weather gets. If it's too bad outside, I'll be inside. And so will my camera!

  2. Replies
    1. The Missus Herself works very hard keeping all that trimmed and weeded.

      I just weed-whack and mow. Oh yes,and move heavy things.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the two of you have created a beautiful place. Having a wife that loves her flower beds and flowers, I understand the work and effort that goes into your creation. And it's great sitting on the deck in the evenings and enjoying the view!!

    1. I always knew you were a kindred spirit!

    2. A kindred spirit that's currently in the doghouse. Due to my better half's extended hospital visits and long recovery time at home, I did not keep up with the yard maintenance like usual. There are now numerous deceased plants around our place and my favorite lady is a tad perturbed with yours truly!!!

    3. Heh. Been there, done that, got the scars, er, I mean t-shirt.

  4. Yer garden (in the British sense) is lovely, indeed. I KNOW what sort of work went into creating this beautiful space and I miss my gardens-past, especially the established rose garden TSMP and I "inherited" when we bought our first house in Oregon in 1978. It was wonderful to have fresh-cut roses in the house during late Spring and summer, back in that day. The other gardens we had at subsequent homes, while beautiful in their own ways, never quite measured up to those Oregon roses.

    That said, whereas I miss the beauty of my gardens-past I do NOT miss all the work that went into creating and maintaining them. I'm perfectly content to sit on the verandah, beer in hand, and gaze out on the field o' crushed rock that passes for "landscaping" at my current abode.

    1. If The Missus Herself wasn't around, I'd have no time to do anything else.

      She spends a lot of time in the spring, summer and fall maintaining the gardens and complaining about how much work it is. Then she spends the winter bemoaning the fact that she can't go out and work in the garden. But you didn't hear that from me!

      (It is an awful lot of work.)

  5. Everything else fades away when you get time in the backyard and yours is especially pleasant and relaxing. I am not a gardener, but I can enjoy the fruit of my wife's gardening. I do dig, lug, make walkways and raised beds, anything that doesn't involve creativity, I'm guessing that's what they call man's work. Your wife has created a paradise for y'all.

    1. Sounds like we had similar "helper" tasks to perform.

      Paradise it is.

  6. Very nice, and a peaceful place... Which we ALL need on occasion... sigh

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Cap'n.

      If you're ever in the neighborhood...


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