Friday, September 12, 2014

Um, Sure. I Believe It...

Blogger is attempting to convince me that I actually had 8,777 hits on the blog yesterday. Also, it's still early in the day and the page views are already at 742?

Like the title of the post says, "Um, sure. I believe it!"

Yes, this is my skeptical face (to paraphrase my buddy Surfcaster).

Now on a normal day I'm happy to get over 500. Truth be told, I'm happy if at least one person reads my scribbling. Someone other than myself of course. Over 500 makes me ecstatic.

Things have been trending upwards as of late, I owe a great deal of credit to both Tuna and Juvat. They have brought in a number of new folks if the statistics Blogger provides are any where near accurate. Page views are trending upwards, some days over a thousand. Lately, they run about 600 a day on average. Respectable, neh?

But when I saw that massive spike yesterday, I started doubting the veracity of Blogger's statistical-keeping ability. I mean seriously? From averaging approximately 600/day to over 8,000? I mean sure, it's possible, right?


Ah well, who knows? Maybe we do have that many folks checking in daily. Time will tell.

Two other notes:

1) Mohave Rat has rejoined the member's list. Welcome back Rat. We missed ya.

2) A certain Mr. Gonzalez has pinged me twice about adding his blog to my blogroll. Same comment two different times. So I thought I would let you, The Readers, decide. Check out The Last Tradition and if you think it should be added to the blogroll, indicate with a "Yes" in the comments. If you don't care one way or the other, indicate with a "Meh" in the comments. If opposed, you know what to do. Let's do this democratically. (Heh, right. It's still my call innit?)

That's all I've got right now.


  1. I know that you didn't get all that from my site, because I for sure didn't have anywhere near that kind of traffic on that day...or yet this month, for that matter. But I sends ya what I can!

    1. You are my top hit supplier. And for that I am grateful.

      Yes, I will buy you a beverage of your choice when we finally meet. Remind me to have treats for Murphy and Belle as well.

  2. Hey, you must be popular...

    Re: The Last Tradition. I vote no. Nothing against Mr Gonzalez, but I think a partisan political site doesn't add value to your site. Different niche.

  3. In re: blogroll. Meh, leaning towards "no."

  4. Replies
    1. I'm sensing a trend.

      I'll leave the polls open a while longer, but I'm guessing there will be no additions to the blogroll today.

  5. I wonder how many others have asked to be included on your blogroll?

    1. Actually just the one. The others I put there as I enjoy reading them. For the most part.

      This one seemed odd, two comments, both with the exact same wording? Odd.

  6. I vote present! er, Yes! What's not to like? A little diversity on the sidebar is a good thing.

    1. Another precinct heard from!

      Diversity? Hhmm, just because I provide a link, doesn't mean someone has to chase it. Free speech, etc., etc. Now I have to think.

  7. I always enjoying checking out new things on the sidebar, but I tend to avoid the political discourse.

    1. Yes, political discourse is similar to baying at the moon. At least to me.

      Some enjoy it, but like you, I do not.


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