Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Believe...

The sky isn't always blue
(Shut up Mr Science I know it isn't really blue.)
I believe that in life, there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes being able to tell them apart is tricky.

I believe that the world contains 4 basic types of people:
  1. folks who just want to be left alone and do their own thing, they'll do their jobs and do them well - just don't bother them
  2. assholes who want to control what other people do,
  3. sheeple who will do whatever they are told by the assholes or will do whatever the other sheeple are doing and
  4. those who serve. I call them samurai, though that is not a strictly accurate use of that word, it's close enough. They are the folks who get things done, who go out of their way to help others. You probably know some of these folks. Hell, if you're reading this post you probably are one of these folks.
I believe that my classification of people types above is probably overly simplistic. But it works for me.

I believe that the designated hitter rule is an abomination. (On the other hand, watching a pitcher take his turn at bat is pretty boring.)

I believe that the extra point in football is useless (until you miss one!)

I believe that if someone wants to be a vegan, they should have their canine teeth pulled. Those are for eating meat, so vegans don't need them. We are omnivores, meaning we will eat damn near anything. In fact, we evolved to eat different types of food. Including meat. And vegetables, so quit whining and eat your broccoli. (Vile weed!)

I believe in evolution, I also believe in God. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. He is a lot smarter than we humans give Him credit for, including preachers! The Universe is a very complicated place, Steven Hawking does not have all the answers.

I believe God has a sense of humor. I don't believe that the platypus is an example of that sense of humor. Having to take a leak every five minutes after drinking a certain quantity of beer (ale, stout, lager, pilsner, whatever) may be an example of His sense of humor. (That's after you "break the seal" - of course.)

I believe that it's called the Bill of Rights for a reason. It enumerates the things government is not allowed to mess with. Any government!

I believe governments are a necessary evil. Politicians are not.

I believe that our system of government here in the United States is not the best one. It's just better than all of the others on the planet.

Sometimes there is a storm brewing.
I believe that soccer is an amazing and fascinating sport, it's just not the type of sport Americans generally find interesting. A final score of nil - nil doesn't necessarily mean that it was a bad and boring match. Just that two coaches played not to lose. Americans play to win.

Or perhaps that's something we used to do. I don't believe that.

I believe that the news media has gone from being a necessary service to a source of entertainment. If you don't like it, don't watch it. If no one watches, they will eventually change or wither and die.

No, I don't believe that will happen any time soon. People types 2 and 3 (above) won't let it.

I believe that the happiest times I have ever experienced involved my kids and my grandkids. I still tear up when I think of witnessing the births of my daughters. I didn't get to watch The Naviguesser's birth. That occurred in Korea, they had very old school notions of the birthing process. Yup, waiting room with pacing dads. And one mother-in-law, my mother-in-law. But yeah, I tear up when I remember seeing my son for the first time.

I believe that hearing my grandchildren laugh is the sweetest sound on Earth.

I believe that cat's and dog's were put here on Earth with us to teach us, be companions to us and yes, sometimes work for us. At this point some folks are no doubt asking, "What kind of work does a cat do?" Ask a farmer why they have barn cats. Ask someone who used to have mice in the house, then got a cat. Voilà, no mice.

I believe that some people have an irrational dislike of cats. I have trouble fully trusting those types of people.

I believe that dogs are amazing. They are loyal, loving and smart.

I believe that cats display those same attributes, it's just that a cat will judge you. A dog won't.

I believe that the purr of a cat is one of the most soothing sounds on Earth.

Sometimes it will just blow over.
I believe that I am a "cat person" - but I can't tell you what that means. It's not that I don't know, it's just that I don't want to tell you right now. (It's a cat thing, you wouldn't understand.)


I believe that flying in a high performance aircraft, doing high performance things is the most fun a person can have. With their clothes on.

I believe that having a sense of humor and a sense of playfulness marks us as an intelligent species.

I believe that if you don't enjoy doing something, find something else to do. As far as paid employment goes, I enjoy eating and having a warm, dry place to sleep at night, so I'll tolerate a job I don't particularly like. It's been a long time since I had a job I truly didn't like.

I believe that love is the most powerful force in the Universe. If you don't have it or at least remember what it feels like, than you are not complete. There is a hole in you. And it hurts.

I believe that to lose someone you love is perhaps the most painful thing you can ever experience. When you are young you don't really understand it. All you know is that it is confusing. As you get older, you understand more and you begin to feel just how painful that is. No matter what they tell you, that pain will not go away in this life. It will subside to a dull ache. Then it will flair and that pain will come close to overwhelming you. Fight it, stand fast, remember the good times that were and the good times which will come again. Perhaps not in this plane, perhaps the next.

I believe that there are people I have known, people that I've loved, that certain things, be it a piece of music or a scent on a breeze, will remind me of. Then it will feel as if I lost them yesterday.

Some of them passed well into old age, after long and fulfilling lives. Some died far too young.

I believe that platitudes are best left to soap operas and romance novels, they have no place in real life.

I believe that the statement "There is no try, only do" is Hollywood horseshit. Tell it to the men and women of the Army Corps of Engineers. Their motto? "Essayon" - Let us try. Sometimes all you can do is try. Failure is sometimes an option. Remember, the enemy gets a vote too.

I believe in the Father...

the Son...

and the Holy Spirit.



  1. Glad your muse came back. Most Excellent, Sir, Thanks.

  2. I believe...pretty much as you. Brilliant.

  3. Very well done sir, and CONCUR!!!

  4. You've, pretty much, echoed my own thoughts and feelings.
    Charlie Mike.

  5. On different days - I can be a different person, in a different role. So I fit into a different category.

    That said - some folks deserve a swift kick in the ass once in a while, some people need it daily - and others you can rely on to just get the damn job done.

    Then you have your family members - you can't be bothered to come to your 55th birthday party because you wife decided not to go through the effort to have one . . . .

    Its all good. . . . well.

  6. PS: I like cats. They might be psycho - but they are ok. Dog are amazing creatures - yes they are.

    But loss is something that faith can take the edge off. If you believe as you say, the faith in the Lord, expressed through the love of His Son, conveyed into your heart by the Holy Spirit lets you know that your friends, and family, those who you knew believed, are waiting for you after their final promotion. A long life on Earth is but a moment in Eternity - whether one passes at birth, or young or deep into old age, that time passes as but a moment in the universe where our souls reside for ever. Which, according to my drill sergeant, is damn long time to be cleaning toilets if I don't shape up.

    1. That's what I believe.

      Your drill sergeant sounds like my kind of guy.

  7. We believe pretty much the same things, you and I. Except for this:

    I didn't get to watch The Naviguesser's birth. That occurred in Korea, they had very old school notions of the birthing process. Yup, waiting room with pacing dads.

    Very, very wise people, those Koreans, coz that's the way it SHOULD be. Three sons, one with pacing, one born while I was overseas, and one where I was in attendance to "assist." Being completely helpless while watching my beloved in so much pain was almost more than I could bear (she opted for a completely natural birth: no drugs, none at all). I'd rather pace, thankyaverymuch. Not that I'm ever gonna have to do that again in this life... but if I DID... (Who am I kidding? Wimmen drive these things and we're just passengers.)

    1. Oh... and cats/dogs. I'm a dog person.

    2. Women do drive these things.

      I was not expected to assist. In fact, The Missus Herself may have threatened me with bodily harm during the procedure.

    3. Oh yeah, I did figure you for a dog kind of guy. See I pay attention when you post. ICSFTH.

  8. right up to the canines it was an evocative post. You are in the ballpark. That was very good.

    1. Thanks Cap'n.

      A good way to start an argument is the whole cats and dogs thing. Go figure.

  9. Great post, Sarge. I particularly like your thoughts on God and evolution - I have thought that for quite a while now. I guess they are right ... great minds do think alike! :D

  10. I wish that my dad was still around. I'd send him this and then he'd send it to everyone that ever trusted him with their e-mail address even once.

    1. Thanks Murph. That's high praise my friend, I truly appreciate it.


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