Friday, August 30, 2013

A Great Day

An awesome day, truly awesome.

But long, very long. Five hours down, five hours back. An hour with Lex, two hours at Shakespeare's. More to come.

After some sleep...

I need to find a bed!


  1. Sleep? What's that??? :-) You can sleep when you get back to work! :-D

    1. Work? What's that???

      Oh yeah, it's where I get to sleep.


  2. Warren Zevon said it best.

    We're anxiously awaiting the AAR.

    1. The AAR is in the works.

      Will try and get that up later, right now the women-folk are putting together an all-three-grandkids-combined birthday party. Two had their actual birthdays a couple of weeks ago, the youngest has hers next month.

      But seeing most of us are here...

      Party on!


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