Thursday, August 8, 2013

Old School Combat Footage

Sometimes you're looking for one thing and you find something unexpected. Some pretty good footage from the Korean War. Air Force and Navy.

And no WSO, those were not the planes I used to work on.


  1. Ah, now there's the kinda cheesy music we like! That and the "rat-tat-tat," "ka-BLAM," and "BOOM!" add-on sound effects from the gun cameras and the like, which we ALL know never had sound... then or now.

    Yeah, I know: we're Old School, as are the video clips. But the leopard can't change his spots...

    1. I kinda figured you'd get a kick out if it.

      I know I did!

  2. I'd forgotten about carriers having those 5"/38 gun mounts on the edge of the flight deck.
    Heck, I almost forgotten that they didn't always have the cantilever decks... or that they were wood.


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