Sunday, August 25, 2013

Land of the...

The Missus Herself and I were discussing the characterization of California as the "land of the fruit and nut". I mentioned that I had perhaps insulted those of my readers who hail from the Golden State.

The Missus pointed out that where the Naviguesser lives there is a Blue Diamond nut processing plant. And thousands of acres of almond trees. So quite literally he lives in the land of nuts.

The WSO and Big Time are surrounded by many acres of lemon and orange trees. So they live, again literally, in the land of fruits.

So yes, we would view this as the Land of the Fruit and Nut. You know, kind of like how Israel was described to Moses, the land of milk and honey.

Perhaps I should hire the Missus Herself to be my editor.

Oh, the flight from San Fran to Fresno, which was at night, it was absolutely excellent. We were on this beauty -

I'll be back, with more stories of California.


  1. I HATE those little puddle jumpers. They seem to fall out of the sky MUCH more often than the big jets.

    Have fun! (Now that you survived.)

    1. Woke up today to what I thought was noon.

      As we're eating breakfast, I note the local time.

      It wasn't noon, it was 0900!

      Some adjustments are necessary.

  2. Be glad you aren't flying one of those in winter. The EMB 120 is a bitch to deice. Either they don't have APUs in all models or the pilots are reluctant to use them. In any case, you need to spray the main gear from the ground with the prop turning and the wings and cabin from way up high.

    Glad I decided to stop working on the deice crew. Miss the money but that is about all.

  3. The fruit and nut to whom most folks refer when speaking of California have little to do with agriculture.
    But then you knew that anyway.
    Very few, if any, are native to the area.
    But they are like kudzu.
    One here, you can't seem to eliminate it.

  4. Did ya see the F15 at the Fresno Air Guard Base?

    They supposedly took delivery of one or two birds last month, getting ready for a change of aircraft.

    There is also a big tanker show at the Fresno Air Tanker Base due to the Rim Fire near Yosemite.

    Lots to see a/c wise at FAT (aka Fresno Yosemite International FYI)

    Don't get off the freeway downtown, ya might get jacked by the fearsome local "Bulldog" gang.:)

    Welcome to the Great Central Valley!

    1. We got into FAT too late to really see anything. Of course, we'd also been traveling for some 12 hours so we weren't all that alert either. But I'll keep my eyes peeled next time I'm there.

      Thanks for the welcome, I'm guessing raisins are big business 'round these parts, just by the number of grape vines and the crates I've seen stacked in places labeled "Sun Maid".

  5. Them Fruits & Nuts generally roll to the bottom edge of the tray. i.e. the Coast.

  6. Welcome to Fresno OldAF Sarge. We're just tickled to have you here.


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