Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NAS Lemoore

Me and the VFA-94 Board at the O-Club
For Those Who Didn't Know, Lex Commanded VFA-94.
Had a great day, not really counting the furniture shopping. Long story short, kids are buying a house, they (well actually the WSO and the Missus Herself) are shopping for furniture. So, we've spent an hour or twelve doing that. Not a problem, me and Little Bit have terrorized a few furniture stores in Fresno. We're having fun while the others debate the relative merits of one sofa versus another. Big Time has a "get out of jail free card" he's had to work the past few days.

Anyhoo. There was a patching today at the Lemoore O-Club, FNGs coming out of VFA-122 heading to their first operational squadron. Loads of fun, lots of insulting commentary regarding the FNGs and lots of adult beverages.

At any rate, this is the first chance I've had to actually be onboard NAS Lemoore. Got to have a couple of Guinness in one of Lex's old haunts and got to hang out with some of America's finest.

After finishing Guinness Number Two, I noticed a newbie, call sign "Tight Pants" (a guy by the way) carrying a pitcher of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale...

This Stuff
So this guy became my new best friend. A fine gentleman, a true representative of American manhood. He kept me well supplied. A good time was had by all.

Though one thing distressed me greatly. There are backwoods swamps in Louisiana with clearer water than the pool at the O-Club. Seems that "due to sequestration" they can't afford to put the pool in service. Nice. I think we should make Congress come out and swim at the Lemoore O-Club.


Anyhoo (once again), it was a good day. A real good day.

Tomorrow should also be awesome. I have sim time from 1045 to 1145.

Sim time you ask, what's that?

Yours truly gets to plant his not insubstantial derrière in an F/A-18 flight simulator. On the base. Same thing the pilots and WSOs train on. That's going to be sweet!

Big Time is an awesome son-in-law...

The Sun Sets on Another Fine Old AF Sarge Day
(Sometimes it's good to be me!)


  1. I've heard that the only thing better than owning your own boat is having a friend that owns one. That being said, Sarge might say that if you can't be a fighter pilot, it's a pretty good plan to have kids who are fighter pilots!

  2. Are you going to be in San Diego at all? I'm here after spending a week in Arlington, VA and driving down from Oregon. Shakespeare's is just across the bay. :)

    1. There is a distinct possibility that I might make it over that way. Still up in the air. Shoot me an email with a contact number and if I do head that way I'll give you a call.

      From here to there should give you plenty of time to prepare. The WSO says five hours, the Naviguesser says four. But then, you've seen the car he drives. Heh.

  3. LOL, you'll have fun in the sim. And nice pic of that A-4E!

    1. The sun was just right as we were headed home from the NEX.

      Almost missed it due to the crop duster "frolicking" across the way. Those guys can fly!

  4. I have sim time from 1045 to 1145.

    OK, now **I'M** jealous.

    It's good to know O-clubs are alive and well.

    1. Heh.

      The WSO said they close early. So they're alive, not sure how "well" they are.


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