Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fat Albert

Who Says Fat Albert Can't Play With the Cool Kids?

Not these guys!

The C-130 Hercules is an awesome aircraft. Tough, reliable and apparently fun to drive!


  1. I like the hula girl on the "dash." ;-)

    And then there's this... "... apparently fun to drive!"

    That may be true, but it ain't much fun in the back, especially in those Gawd-awful scooped out metal buckets along the side of the aircraft the services laughingly call "seats." And most especially when you're sitting on the ramp in Thailand, sweating yer a$$ off... only to freeze once you get to altitude. I NEVER had a good ride in a 130. Never, ever.

    1. They gave you old-timers metal buckets to sit in? Whoa, luxurious. We had webbing seats in my day. And the thrill of sitting stacked in around all of the equipment you'd be using when you got where you were going.

      I have sweated on the ramp at Clark and frozen at altitude over the East China Sea.

      But the Herky used to take me north from Oki to see the future Missus Herself. So I have very fond memories of the C-130.

    2. Oh yeah, the noise.

      Who could ever forget the noise?

  2. I watched a Fat Albert flight demo at the Redding Air Show a few years ago.
    They did create a bit of concern when the JATO set fire to the grass next to the runway.

  3. I saw the same JATO "kick-in-the-ass" take off at Cherry Point about 13 years ago.

    Great thrill.

    1. Kinda different seeing it from inside the cockpit.


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