Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Rant That Almost Was...

Bikini Atoll
As I have mentioned before (quite recently in fact), I tend to stay away from pontificating upon things political. I am allergic to the current regime in DC and cannot bear to even watch that insane clown posse on the tube. I have occasionally shied away from reading some of my favorite bloggers simply because there was a picture of the Obummer or his horrid mate displayed at the top of a post.

That being said, I will, from time to time, point my readers to a blog which has addressed the political aspects of life far better than I could ever attempt.
Sultan Knish wrote this and I find myself nodding, once again, at his wisdom. So go have a look, I'll wait right here.

Now I did have a number of poorly built paragraphs containing all sorts of English-like words formed into barely coherent sentence-like things which I had planned on sharing with you from this point forward. But at the point where I felt my blood pressure beginning to spike, and having no desire to have an aneurism quite yet, I deleted all of that ranting, rambling, Dear God please don't let the NSA get wind of this muttering and mumbling.

The Sultan said it well. So I'll leave it at this...

"What he said..."


  1. A little longish, but yeah: what he said. I like Greenfield a lot.

  2. Like you, I avoid politics... at least most of the time.
    I do get snarky about some of the crap the local guys pull.
    They're like a bunch of adolescent boys who can't seem to what the end result of their actions may be.

    I'm gonna shut up now because I feel your rant.

  3. Y'all just need to "cool it" with copious amounts of warm sake on 6 and 9 Aug. I CERTAINLY DO!!!! :)

    1. Heh. Were you looking over my shoulder before I deleted the "rant that almost was"?


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