Friday, August 23, 2013

At The Range...

A little somethin'-somethin' courtesy of yet another Old Air Force Sarge, Bayouwulf. (And yes, Old AF Sarge's are legion. You never know where one of us might pop up. Just sayin'...)

In the video, note the sound of the Warthog's 30mm cannon. Very, um, "attention getting", innit?

The next picture shows various military ammunition side by side. Give's you an idea of just how big the A-10's gun really is.

Enjoy! (And thanks again Bayouwulf!)


  1. From the audio heard here ... The Gun doesn't sound very intimidating ... more like a fat guy farting.

    1. Yeah, you expect something much more, I don't know, loud? But it's just that muttering kind of noise. But when you know what's making the noise, that's what gets your attention.

      (But yeah, does kinda sound like a fat guy farting. Now that you mention it.)

  2. I like that "RIIIPPPPP" sound they make. I bet a whole lotta Iraqi and Afghani bad guys do more than fart when they hear that sound coming at them.

  3. I worked this particular tower from 79 - 81. Probably the very same A-10s in the video,as well. Standing on the tower deck outside, you will want to cover your ears. It is much louder in person.


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