Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Random F-4 Photo
So, I'm in California and have pretty much been in vacation mode since departing little Rhody on Saturday. So I haven't really been thinking about the blog all that much. I am feeling somewhat guilty about that.

But what's worse is that there are a number of blogs I follow and I haven't been keeping up with those either. I am, as they say, behind the power curve.

Not sure how to get back on top of things, perhaps we should motor out to Lemoore and get some aircraft pics. Yeah, that would be great.

We shall see, we shall see...


  1. "...perhaps we should motor out to Lemoore and get some aircraft pics."

    Even then it isn't necessary that you'd have to post any of them right away.
    But we'd at least know you're still kickin'.

    1. Just trying to put a little something out each day. Like you said Skip, I want y'all to know I'm still kicking!

  2. Bah...."postings will be light" will suffice. Head on up the hill to Huntington Lake. Now, there is some scenery!

    1. Roger that... I spent a couple of summers there as a young teen.

    2. Now that looks like a real nice place.



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