Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who Gave My Brain the Day Off?

Oh look, there in the background, all the grandious ideas I had for Monday's post!

And in the foreground is what became of those ideas, empty space, nothingness, bupkis.

I'm not saying that yesterday was a bad day. It was okay as Mondays go, didn't suck any more (or any less) than most non-holiday Mondays. But I got up about 45 minutes before the alarm. And if you've been following what I've been doing lately, you'll know that means I woke up at 0315, in the morning. Well, actually it was still night. I pretty much laid there, contemplating the vast uncaring universe and poor little me having to get up, drive a hundred miles, then work for ten hours.

On the upside, when I was loading up the vehicle I noted that the constellation Orion was now visible to the south-southeast. To quote the Starks, "Winter is coming." Point being is that the constellation of Orion is my favorite. Is it normal to have a favorite constellation? I don't know, I just know that I do.
On the downside, after arrival at my current place of work, I dismounted the vehicle, stood there for a moment, then shouldered the computer bag and headed for my loaner cubicle. Between there and the lab, ten hours. Argh. But as you can see (or read) I managed to get through the day. After work, I watched back-to-back-to-back (ad infinitum) episodes of The Sopranos when I got to the hotel. "Stai scherzando vero?"

No, I kid you not. HBO shows reruns of The Sopranos every night at 2000 local. I think on Wednesdays it's at 2100 because they show True Blood at 2000. (Yes, I'm using standard military time, based on a 24-hour clock. It's part of who I am and I am too tired and cranky at the moment to give the "civilian" time. That bit is in quotes because in Germany the 24-hour clock is pretty standard. Except that they have different words for everything over there. Well, nearly everything. For instance, "plexiglass" in German is "Plexiglas". One less "s" and you capitalize the "p". Nouns are easy to spot in German, they're usually capitalized. Oh boy do I digress. Standby for a radical course change. All hands brace for impact, right full rudder!)

Okay, the hotel, The Sopranos, I am so dazed I feel the need to whack someone. Upside the head that is. Perhaps I'm crabby because the network is painfully slow today. But I discovered that I could watch The Sopranos via "On Demand".


Except that I did. Back-to-back-to-back (ad infinitum). I suppose I can sleep when I'm on vacation next week. Yeah right, like that's going to happen.

Groan. Back on my head, coffee break's over...


  1. That's my dilemma, too... blog, or watch reruns.
    I've never seen the Sopranos.
    I'm too cheap to pay.
    But I will buy a book.
    What's up with that?

    1. There was that little voice in my head yelling "Post something!"

      A louder voice was shouting back "Post what? What I ask you? I got nuthin'..."

      I too am very cheap (and the wife says "No, we don't need HBO"). I too will drop large sums on books. Something about holding the printed word in hand, perhaps old fashioned, yet somehow satisfying.

  2. It is a Blue Moon. Blame the moon.

    1. Ah ha!

      I knew it had to be something otherworldly.

  3. My sleep patterns are veering dangerously close to sloth-level unemployment-type. I find myself sleeping three hours, getting up and playing around on the computer, watching a rerun or two, sleeping another two hours, get up, write a few things maybe, do some shopping, whatever, take a nap, play softball, repeat (with four or five meals scattered therein.)

    1. I dunno, kinda sounds like Buck's life. The softball being the exception. Kinda sounds like what I want to be doing in a few years. Again, the softball being the exception. I hung up the cleats (and glove) when I retired from the AF. I do miss it from time to time.

    2. @ Chris: Heh. That IS my life... except when I'm on vacation, at which point we get structured. It's almost too much for a body to bear. ;-)

      @ Jim: Just roll with it. You'll look back fondly (I hope) when this rough patch is done.

    3. So Buck you get structured while on vacation?

      You're like Bizarro Superman or something.

  4. Orion is my favorite constellation, too... mainly coz it's the ONLY one I can name. I was a miserable failure as a Boy Scout (I only made Second Class and then they threw me out; it was sumthin' about bein' too much into the Brownies).

    1. I'll bet you know the Big Dipper, aka Ursa Major.

      I know a few, but Orion is still the favorite. (Of course, for many years it was the only one, other than Ursa Major, that I could identify.)

      You made it to Second Class? Wow. My Scoutmaster and I had a "significant disagreement" before I got that far. (Seems he didn't like being referred to as the "big fat idiot". Go figure...)

    2. You're right: I can recognize the Big Dipper nine out of ten times. But Orion is still my favorite.


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