Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bienvenue à un Nouveau Membre!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Meine Damen und Herren - let's all give a warm welcome to our newest member, Well Seasoned Fool.

Ah what the heck, let's give him a fly-over too!

Yes, they were way too low. Yes, the pilots got their butts in a sling over it.

FWIW that was Big Time's old squadron, VFA-136. Go Knighthawks!!

(No, Big Time was not flying either of the jets.)


  1. Thank you. Came for the airplanes. Will probably need to become proficent with Google Translate.

  2. Nice fly-over. And yeah, I'm not seeing the 1000 feet AGL that the FAA insists on there. Oh well...

    1. Ah, what's a few hundred feet between friends?

      I mean no one tied the low altitude record.

  3. Well, there are low flyovers and then there are LOW flyovers. Read the commentary at the link... the lead pilot lost his wings over that one.

    And yeah... we ARE playing a bit o' one-upsmanship here. ;-)

    1. Ah my dear Buck, always defending the honor of our Service. Even when it's along the lines of "Hey, our pilots can bust altitude regs too!"

      And yeah, those T-38s were low low.

      Not to quibble, but wouldn't this be a case of one-downsmanship here? Altitude wise?

    2. Not to quibble, but wouldn't this be a case of one-downsmanship here? Altitude wise?

      Yer right. I'm reminded of Lex's favorite saying in this space... "You can't beat the low-altitude record..."

    3. As with many things I put forth here on the blog, Lex and his mastery are never far from my mind.


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