Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is the Republican Party Clueless?

Sultan Knish seems to think so, can't say I disagree with him.

I'm a conservative, I would think that the Republicans should be courting my vote, not the votes of Democrats. But that's just me. Maybe I don't get it.

Or maybe I do.

How's that working for you?


  1. I've never understood why some people believe that selling out some of your values will make you attractive to voters. Personally, I'd rather vote for someone with whom I often disagree, but who is honest and consistent, than for someone who claims to believe in the same things I believe in, but who changes with the breeze. With the former, at least I know damn well what I'm buying. With the latter, they're just as likely to sell YOU out at some point.

    1. Suldog, I think you've just described the system as it's "supposed to work". Bending with the breeze? That's the way the system is NOT supposed to work, i.e. what we've got now. Makes me sick.

    2. Its a mystery to me how the Republicans keep coming up with unelectable candidates with no real plan. I have been trying to be hopeful about the future, especially since the last election. I keep thinking only four more years, but the truth is if the 2016 version of Mitt Romney is the best choice for the Republicans, then it'll be 'only another four more years'. As Stan used to say "Well Ollie, another fine mess you've got us in". We are giving our grandchildren a country so debt ridden, so devoid of a moral compass, so lacking in hope that they will be doomed to an live with a failing infrastructure and no tax base to support anything. And here I'd been trying so hard not to be cynical.....

    3. I don't know where this mess will wind up. I sincerely hope we don't end up as another socialist failure.

      The lack of a moral compass, that's the most concerning to me.


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