Saturday, February 23, 2013


It is the middle of the freaking night here at Chez Sarge. Someone wanna tell me WHY I'm not in bed, enjoying a well deserved kip after a LONNNGGG day at work? (Yes, that time on the old chronograph IS 0235 on Saturday morning!)

Yeah, why aren't you sleeping? Enquiring (and slightly annoyed) cats want to know!

Went to bed at a reasonable time. Was completely unable to sleep. Checked the phone, noted two comments on my last post, decided to get up and answer said comments. Started playing around with Ye Olde Web Cam and that's when Anya decided to join me.

(Sasha, smart feline that she is, is off sleeping. Somewhere.)

Perhaps it's loneliness, the Missus Herself is out in California visiting with the chilluns and grand-chilluns. I be stuck in Rhode Island, having to go to work and all. Now if you head on over to Buck's place, you'll see he's got a post up regarding the best and worst states for retirement. There you'll discover a comment I've left bemoaning the fact that Rhode Island is the 10th Worst Place to retire in these here United States.

Oh wonderful. That should help me get to sleep. Maybe I'll go collegiate here and pull an all-nighter. Uh, no, probably not.


This. Is. Not. Fun.


  1. A glass of wine and an old black and white movie.

    1. Not a bad idea. Except that lately, my life feels like an old black and white movie. And not a good one either.

  2. What Joe said.
    Or... try reading Atlas Shrugged.

    I had some difficulty falling asleep last night, too.
    In my case it had to do with channel surfing because I was unable to find anything decent on the tube beside Diners, Drive-ins & Dives.

    1. Actually now that you mention Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, my youngest's brother-in-law saw an episode on a BBQ joint in Virginia Beach. So when the kids were still stationed down that way, we all went there for lunch. I can't remember the name of the place, but the food was OMG good.

      By way of further explanation, I always have a Pavlovian response to the phrase "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives". (Why yes, I am drooling right now.)

  3. Thanks for the link. I noted the time on yer comment and had the UCR response: WTF, over? ;-)

    Now, that said... 0235 hrs is just about my normal bedtime. Sometimes even later, as we tend to go in cycles where sleep is concerned. Life gets like that without structure.

    1. No problem on the link, I share, it's what I do. (Among other things...)

      As to the time, last night was unusual as Hell. Could not get to sleep until 0600 this morning. Then I got up at 1100.

      Essentially my sleep cycle is screwed up at the moment. The Nuke would probably say that with the Missus out of town, I'm reverting to the wild. Going all feral I am.


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