Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union, Meh...

I have yet to watch or read the Obummer's State of the Union address. Seems that my DIRECTV box was fried when we lost power during the recent blizzard. So the state of my personal union can be summarized with two, simple phrases:

  • the other half of the union is in California, visiting the grandkids
  • I have no television (which in reality comes under the heading of "No Big Deal")
So my ability to watch the event live was somewhat compromised.

As to the state of the country itself, as expressed in a speech by a politician, I don't feel the need to stay on top of that. If someone is a politician, there is a rather large probability that that person is going to lie to you. If their lips are moving there is nearly a 100% chance that that person is lying to you. So if the Obummer tells me that the jobless rate has dropped, I'm guessing that they've changed the way that's calculated. NOT that fewer people are out of work. So as to the official State of the Union as expressed by the current holder of the office of President, not important to me at the moment. I'll browse his speech if and when I get the chance. Maybe. If I have nothing better to do. Like clean the cat's litter box.

Do I have any faith in this country's elected officials at this point in time? No.

The Missus Herself is somewhat displeased with my lack of faith in the US Government. She seems to think I don't give them enough credit for when things go well and that I blame them too much for when things go bad. She may have a point.

For you see, the Missus Herself grew up in South Korea. Under what was, to all intents and purposes, a military dictatorship. Before you shake your head and mutter naughty things under your breath at that particular state of affairs, keep the following in mind - South Korea has North Korea right next door. The North Korean state is one of the most brutal on the planet. Their avowed goal is the reunification of the Korean peninsula under North Korean rule. Not a pleasant thought.

Consider this as well. In 1950 the North Korean People's Army (조선인민군) came across the 38th Parallel and started killing everyone who resisted. Even killing people who didn't resist but were on their list of people they (the North Koreans) didn't like. They still slip across the border and kill people they don't like. The North Koreans are, by any reasonable standard, barbarians.

In 1953 an armistice was signed, therefore the war is still (officially) not "over". Technically speaking, a state of war still exists on the peninsula. So yes, the government of South Korea, back in the day, was a little harsher than most. So my wife's experience of government is quite different from mine. She tends to cut the ee-jits in Washington a lot more slack than I do.

I sometimes wonder what my government, OUR government may look like in twenty years. At the moment my expectations are not sanguine. Sanguinary may be closer to the mark. I pray that's not the case.

For another viewpoint on the State of the Union, I respect this fellow's opinion a great deal. What do you think?


  1. Didn't watch, don't care. Or rather, care very little... just enough to read what some of my right-wing extremist friends have to say about it.

    I simply cannot BEAR to watch that frickin' idiot any longer. It's gonna be a long four years.

    1. I've noticed that. The sight or sound of that, that, individual, is sickening to me.

      I. Can. Not. Stand. That. Man.

  2. Well... we're three for three.
    I missed it, too ...again!

    1. DIRECTV box being fried is just an excuse. If it was working I can guarantee that my attention would NOT have been on the SOTU as delivered by that socialist ass in DC.

  3. Proud to say I have never watched any speech the man has given ever. It is going to be a really long 4 years unless the country implodes before then.

    1. I think we should start a club jib. Not having watched any of the Obummer's speeches would be the sole entrance criteria. I wonder how big the club would be? The country imploding or maybe even exploding actually causes me to lose sleep some nights.

    2. i think it would be a very small club. Personally I think the country is going to implode long before 4 years.

    3. It being a small club is a shame. The country imploding, an even bigger shame!


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