Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LA, an Update

Near Big Bear Lake
The "perp" may be deceased. Not sure if the LA Sheriff's Department covered themselves in glory. That particular jury is still out. On the other hand... The good Marine has a point.


  1. Was the LA County SO up in Big Bear, or was it the San Berdoo SO?
    Not that makes much difference who was tripping all over themselves.

    1. Not sure from the reports I've seen. That is close to your neck of the woods right?

      Local coverage I've seen in Rhody makes it sound like the LA County SO. You raise a good point.

      And yes, I think there's enough error and blame to go around.

    2. Well... it's as close to me as Richmond, VA is to you.
      It appears, from what little I've seen, that all manner of LE has been involved in tracking this animal.
      So it could very well be that the LA SO and LAPD were involved.

    3. I tend to forget just how big California is. But of course, everything is big compared to Rhode Island.


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