Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Ain't Over Until It's Over - The Blizzard of '13

La Maison du Vieux Sarge
or perhaps
Дом Cтарый Cержант
Here's Chez Sarge on Saturday morning, the 9th of February. Having its "Dr Zhivago" moment. (See next pic...) The Blizzard, while not over, IS tapering off. Snow fall rate is way down, wind speeds are below  25 mph.

The Actual Scene from Dr Zhivago
It's a Lot Sunnier!
I believe I did promise some more photos, the next few are sort of a progression, a time line of the storm as viewed by my shed, if you will.
Friday Afternoon (08 Feb 13)
Friday Evening (08 Feb 13)
Saturday Morning (09 Feb 13)
Sunday Morning (10 Feb 13)
Yes, it was cold and dark and nasty at Chez Sarge for about 40 hours. But it may not be over for this winter. I read this and shuddered. Not good. Here are some more photos, post-storm (and yes, I refuse to call it Nemo).

Looking North (10 Feb 13)
Looking Nor'east (10 Feb 13)
To The Driveway (09 Feb 13)
The Driveway (09 Feb 13)
There is a Koi Pond under there!
That thing in the foreground is my mailbox, I think...
It's actually supposed to RAIN tomorrow. Oh boy...


  1. I had to go turn up the heat after seeing these pictures! The Zhivago reference is a good one, but then again- the Russians have a saying: There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

    1. Yes, the Russians are somewhat legendary for their sayings about weather. But do you see the siding on my house? That was installed by three Russians (well, technically speaking, two Russians and a Kazakh but you get my drift), I kid you not. It was an amazingly cold February when we had this done this a few years back, average day time temp was around 10 F. I asked the head Russian, "so you guys should be used to this kind of weather?"

      He just looked at me for a moment and said, "This is too damn cold. There are reasons why we all left Russia. The cold was one."

      So like most they'll carry on about how well they handle the cold. But like most, would prefer to be on a beach somewhere, sipping a Mai Tai. Heh.

      Yes, this weekend was long and cold. Getting back power on Sunday was a great feeling. The Missus actually yelled "Woo Hoo" to one of the neighbors, who then returned that same sentiment.


  2. Better is дом Старшина for your title Старшина being the official "Senior Sergeant" in Russian. Perhaps Ice Station Старшина? We only got about a foot to a foot and a half of snow with no attendant loss of power. Of course, we were somewhat further from the storm locus. Still, I did have to make mow the snow several times over the course of Friday and Saturday. Fortunately, the Rampaging Snow Beast was easily up to the task. I'm currently sitting at the Hanscom guesthouse awaiting to participate in a job interview where I am the target of the interview. Good thing I chose this option over staying out with my in-laws and having to fight my way in through the snow and the sleet this morning.

    1. But of course. I was going with the more generic "sergeant", but your's is better. I was, after all, a senior Non-Commissioned Officer. And Cтаршина has a better ring to it (starshina is the phonetic transliteration for those of you attempting to follow this esoteric conversation).

      People down here freak out when snow is forecast. On the news one could see supermarkets stripped bare as if the Zombie Apocalypse was upon us. And to get more snow than Vermont, OMG! Harumph, flatlanders.

      Best of luck with the job interview. As we used to say in the Luftwaffe "Hals und Beinbruch!" (Okay, yes I WAS in the US Air Force, but the Germans I worked with in NATO kinda sorta made me an honorary member of the Luftwaffe. Seems I knew more of their history than they did. And I WAS there for 7+ years. Go figure.)

  3. Yow. That's some SNOW.

    (Did I really have to tell ya that?)

    1. Yup, more than just a dusting. But I'm not sure if the folks around Buffalo or Saratoga Springs (and points in NY further north) would be all that impressed. But the stuff was heavy and wet. Hence the downed trees, power lines and us folks shivering in our unheated bungalows. Some friends in the Boston area tell me they got more snow than we did (upwards of 3 feet!), but it was mostly light and fluffy. So they didn't lose power at all.

      But still, you've seen snow, lots of it (I recollect you posted a picture or three just recently of your wintry adventures) so you do have some experience in this area. So for those who might be wondering, if Buck says it's a lot of snow. It's a lot of snow.

  4. yup reminds of the blizzard of '77 or was it '79. my uncle in ME said he had three feet of snow with 8 foot drifts. glad the power is back on

    1. could be i do remember one outstanding blizzard while i was in high school which was 76-80.

  5. 34 inches of it down here in southeast CT but thankfully never lost power. We have snow piles now that are 6 feet or taller; even with the rain and fog yesterday they still endure. I think I may see my plantings in May.

    1. 34 INCHES! Whoa, that's a lot of snow. Glad to hear you guys didn't lost power. I'll bet you DO have some pretty significant drifting.


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