Saturday, February 9, 2013

Still Alive, No Power, Crap Ton of Snow

Just a quick post (from my cell phone of all things), to let my faithful readers know that I am still alive. But only partially on the grid.

Cell phone needs a bigger keyboard...

Or I need much narrower finger tips!

(Took forever to type all this!)

Will post more, with photos, once we get power and internet back.

Stone Age, not feeling it...


  1. You guys hang in there Sarge. We'll be thinking about you and sending our warmest thoughts!

  2. old nursery rhyme..(not politically correct for those in snow country) " It snew, it blew, it friz, its winter"...Looks like you guys are getting caught up on snowfall - all in one storm!

  3. Geez! I will never, ever complain about winters in TN again. Stay warm, Sarge.

  4. I'm glad you are OK. Stay warm and I hope the power stays on. Up in Northern Indiana/Illinois area, just about an inch with a little ice. Enough to stay in and warm, but not serious at all. Be safe.

  5. Sunday 0915, still no power. Been out for 36+ hours now. No fun!

  6. Stay safe. Try to stay warm. lots of quilts and sleeping bags at your house I hope? After the storm maybe go by that generator. I shall refrain from complaining about the unseasonably cold weather we are having here.

  7. Hope things are better today - 36 hours w/out power in this kind of weather is no picnic. We are finally plowed out; felt trapped until that big truck got here about an hour ago. Shitload of snow on the roof MUST come off today because we are lucky enough to be getting rain tomorrow.

  8. Buck, Six, Greg, Dan, Brigid, Pogue, jib and Kris -

    Thanks for thinking of me and all the others riding out that storm. I normally answer comments individually but I wanted to give you all this collective "Thank You". It meant a lot knowing you folks were out there, thinking of little old me.

    And Kris, yes isn't it nice that we're supposed to have a HEAVY rain fall shortly after a blizzard?

    If I see locusts in the next 48 hours, believe you me, I'll be in Church. And that's no lie!


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