Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Amazing Lack of...

...content. We have a lack of content today.

The Nuke has been around most of the week, on a recruiting trip. She went back today. Back to DC.

She has no idea what it's going to feel like to go back to work at the Navy Yard. Especially thinking back to a week ago.

At any rate, we planned to get out of the rack at 0630 this morning. That opening picture was what was going on at 0500. A driving rain, lots of thunder.

Sleep? Not a chance.

So I rolled out of bed, shaved, poured some coffee down my throat, stayed out of the ladies' way as they got ready and then we all piled into the automotive conveyance and drove to Logan.

Traffic? Not bad at all.

We made it with time to spare.

But due to the early rising, then the drive up to Boston and back...

We're a bit worn down.

Yeah, like that.

Sorry for the lack of content today. But I will leave you with two images...

I remember when the rest of the world took the U.S. seriously.



  1. Good points, and an EASY drive to Logan is worth the early AM go... Just sayin...

    1. You are absolutely right on the easy drive to Logan thing.

  2. No complaints here on your posts- I've been quite busy preparing for our trip to Rome tomorrow. I'll resume the snarky comments when I get back!

    1. Rome, you're going to Rome? I presume it's a vacation thing and not a work thing.

      Yes, I am jealous. We did Italy last year (as you probably recall) - loved it.

      Buon viaggio!

  3. Being able to spend time with one of the kids is a good thing and no one will fault you for a lack of posts in that case.

    As for the Navy Yard... I spoke with SN2 today about that subject. His building... where the shooting took place... is still closed and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. SN2 sez the FBI is treating the ENTIRE building... all five floors... as a crime scene, including those spaces where the shooter never set foot in. There's a considerable amount of frustration on the part of the people that work in that building, but ya can't fight City Hall, now, can ya? SN2 is "working from home" a lot, these days.

    1. Yes, the Nuke was telling me that they're going to have folks from 197 in their building for the foreseeable future. Things are going to be crowded.

      No doubt the Feebs will take the next six months to determine it was only one shooter and that the guy was batshit crazy. I mean, you have to prove it to the lawyers right? Not the taxpayers. We don't count anymore.

    2. Oh I don't know. They might get the same guys in the loop that have been investigating the XL pipeline. 5 years and counting....

    3. Geez, there is that isn't there?

      Gotta love gubmint efficiency...

  4. The top photo could have been take here on Saturday.
    That means, of course, more is headed your general direction.

    Every time I see a photo of a capitol ship firing a broadside with all guns, I give thanks that we only had two 5"/38 twin mounts on mine.

    1. Ah yes, I do recall you mentioning the rain out your way.

      That broadside is pretty impressive innit?


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