Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For the Ladies...

F/A-18C Dropping 2 BLU-110 High Drag Bombs
The WSO's current squadron (VFA-2) has three ladies who fly. Two WSOs and one nose gunner,er, stick actuator, er, pilot, er, Naval Aviator.

The video is of an all-female Bounty Hunter crew out at the range. Blowing things up with a BLU-110 High Drag bomb. (No, the WSO was not in the back seat of this one. But she was out playing that day. Same ordnance.)

The jet comes in at 200 feet, pickles the bomb, then executes a 5G breakaway.

Good stuff!

You don't want to piss these ladies off.

No way.

No how.


  1. Well, uh... YEAH! I can never get enough of that "Breakin' Things and Killin' People What Needs Killin'" thing. (Insert big-ass smiley face here)


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