Sunday, September 1, 2013

Le Premier de Septembre

Just flew in from Fresno...

Boy are my arms tired...

H/T to one of the funniest gentlemen who ever walked a stage...
The Immortal Henny Youngman

Seriously though:

  • 0300 Wake Up
  • 0400 Departure for Fresno (45 minute drive, without the long freight train, don't ask...)
  • 0500 Check in with United
  • 0630 Wheels up (30 minutes late, the airline had to get a replacement crew. They never did explain why.)

The aircrew did get me to Vegas for to catch my connecting flight to Dulles. Which was "Economy Plus". My first thought was, "Does everyone in Economy Plus get to sit with two Frenchmen?" Je ne sais pas! But it did obviate the need to engage them in conversation. Now had they been Frenchwomen...

Hmmm, better not go there.


12 hours, 3 flights, 3000 miles and I'm back in Little Rhody.

It was an excellent week, now it's "back on your heads, coffee break's over!"



  1. Hope you enjoyed yourself.
    I know that I did ... vicariously of course.
    Loved your photos.

  2. Replies
    1. As I flew over New Jersey yesterday, I wondered...

      "Where's Joe?"

      Nope, I couldn't spot you.

      Thanks Joe!

  3. Look at the bright side: at least THIS Monday doesn't suck.

    1. The Missus Herself is still put west, helping with decorating the new house.

      While I am home, safe and sound, this Monday still sucks, but only a little. (Wah, wah, feels like my cup is half empty, ya know?)

  4. Nice road trip! Enjoyed the pics and the commentary!

  5. LOL, sounds like more of a forced march than a "vacation" (or vacay as all the hipsters now say; man, you're revealing your geezer status by not using the officially approved au currant hipster term :) ) I guess one of those "great to go but great to be back home" deals.

    PS: Come to think of it, a good excuse to hit happy-hour early: "Hon, I've been SO worried about losing my hipster status!" lol.

    1. The return voyage was somewhat tedious.

      Not being a hipster I won't use the term vacay, though I won't begrudge the use of it by others. I'm comfortable with the concept of being a geezer and am starting to embrace it, kind of.

      Truth be told, I kinda wish I was still out there. Miss the grandkids I do.


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