Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hey, Washington!

To the so-called "leaders" of the United States, read those first three words above. Read them carefully. Do you understand? Have you committed those three words to memory? You have? Good. Let's say them together...

And you might want to sit down and read the following very carefully, but before you do, tell the Supreme Court to leave the room. Apparently some of them have trouble understanding simple English. Some of them have been misinterpreting this particular document for far too long.

One final note, disregard these rights of the people at your peril. The eagle will not sleep forever.


  1. As has been said ... my oath of enlistment did not expire with my retirement.

  2. Um, Chris. You're getting VERY political of late. NTTAWWT, but one should always be careful. As for me? I prefer more war stories and plane pr0n and less pontificating. Just sayin'.

    (Insert big-ass grin and winking smiley-face here.)

  3. Haven't you heard? It is a "living" document, not a document to live by. Ask any Progressive.

    1. It's alive alright, just not in the way the Progs think.

  4. What can I say, other than "Amen!"?

    It makes me sick, Sarge - it truly does. Every day now, I get the feeling more and more that we're headed over the edge...

  5. +1 on Snuffy... and trust me, the folks on the pointy end are NOT happy right now with what's going on at home...


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