Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday Open Road (On a Saturday)

The road goes on forever...

...and the party never ends.

So they say.

Something about this photo tweaked an old memory up there in the dusty archives of my brain. So I did some searching, Google-wise, and found a song which kind of tickled my fancy.

I'd never heard it before, but it's a good tune and I'll say this, I knew some kids like that.

Give 'er a listen while you head on over to c w's place and check out the Friday Open Road.


  1. The only version I ever heard is by the Highwaymen ...and that's because I have the CD.

  2. Ah. Robert Earl. He's BIG in my house.

    1. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of him before today.

      He's damn good!

    2. There are a few more REK tunes in the tiles at the end of the vid, but the tiles change after each viewing. So... try this one, which is one of my favorites of his. Those tiles also have a few vids by Joe Ely, who's a contemporary of REK in the Austin music scene. Ely is brilliant, too.

  3. I was just listening to this the other day. I remember thinking, "That's a whole novel in one song." Great songwriter.

    1. That's it exactly. I'm pleasantly surprised to have found that tune. No doubt I'll be looking for more!


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