Monday, September 16, 2013

For Some, It's Over...

Screenshot from WJLA Coverage
It started with a phone call from the Missus Herself. I needed to call the Nuke at her office, something terrible was going down.

You see, the Nuke works at the Washington Navy Yard.

So I called, she and her colleagues were okay but had been ordered to "shelter in place". Her building sits across an intersection from Building 197, where the shootings occurred.

There is a parking garage on the Yard, where the Nuke parks her car (when she doesn't ride the Metro in). There is a cafeteria in Building 197, where she and a colleague were going to go get some breakfast. Shortly before they left, all Hell broke loose.

The parking garage, a crime scene.

The cafeteria, a crime scene.

She and her colleagues had front row seats for this latest American tragedy. I was on the phone with her throughout most of the morning. I also had WJLA Live up on my computer. We were keeping each other informed as best we could.

It was good being able to talk with my oldest daughter throughout this incident.

It was good being able to talk with her when she finally got back to her apartment in the evening.

For us, this day, this tragic day, is over. We feel blessed by God that our daughter and her colleagues were safe.

For some, this day will never be over...

Please say a prayer for those who lost their lives. Please say a prayer for those they left behind.

There but for the Grace of God...


  1. Good to hear you & yours are safe. Blessings, they are.

  2. Please be sure that they can go talk with someone about this. The stress from this will not be good.

  3. First Buck w. SN2 now you. As they say, what are the odds? As I write this we now know all the signs were there. Who in the H does the contractors background checks? M'thiMks heap big potential scandal there..

    1. From what I understand, numerous people dropped the ball on this idiot.

  4. PS: AND lawsuits if enough inventive and industrious attnys get involved..

  5. That's great news. Still trying to find out about a couple of friends. Two are okay, two unknown... dammit!

    1. I'll keep your friends in my prayers, hopefully they're okay.

  6. I was barely even awake when I got the news yesterday, what with being two time zones away (and chronically lazy). The shock was very palpable and continued to get worse as the day wore on. I'm glad The Nuke is OK and thank God there weren't more victims than there were.

    1. I hear ya. Yesterday is not something I want to do ever again.

      I was on the phone with her throughout the day. I remember at one point hearing the helicopters outside while talking with her. Scary stuff.

      Really glad that your SN2 got out okay.

      Too close for comfort!

  7. Glad to hear your daughter is safe, will keep her in our prayers.


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