Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Project at Work

Alright, your mission is to stare at the image above for eight hours a day.

Okay, it ain't that bad.

On the upside, I don't need to travel "Up North - 30*". I can watch the paint dry perform the task from the Home Office**.

So life is somewhat back to normal. But merging files from two different systems, when each file has to be examined by an "expert" (that would be moi) before merging into the "new" system is not the most exciting of tasks.

But it is an important task. (So I tell myself when the alarm goes off in the morning.)

If not me, then who?

Like the Old NFO said the other day in the comments "If it puts $$ in the bank, and food on the table, we do what we have to!"

As an old NCO of mine said, "I suppose later on I can always go to Vegas and turn tricks on a street corner to get my self-respect back."***

Um, yeah, okay. It's not that bad.

I've been stuck with worse tasks in the past. For less money too.

And so it goes...

Now that's low!

* "Up North - 30"  Where I spent the better part of three years is "Up North". Home of the new task is 30 miles south of there. So, "Up North - 30". Hey, I never claimed to be clever.

** Home Office - My regular work place in Little Rhody. Not the British Home Office.

*** Of course, he used language which was much more colorful.


  1. Isn't there some way you could automate the comparison of two different, yet similar, files? But would it be too much work to write the routine as opposed to just visually comparing the files?

    1. Odd you should mention that, just had a chat on that very topic with the boss "Up North - 30".

      While writing a routine to do that would not take that long, we still need a human to examine the files. The files are actually computer source code. Some good code, some not so good. We need to take a peek and pick the good stuff. Let's just say they had a person work on this code a while back who was very smart. And very clever. Too clever as a matter of fact. And a bit undisciplined. So what's left is a bit of a mess.

      "Wet clean up. Aisle Five."

      That's me.

  2. I saw one o' those puppies fly by that low at an airshow quite a few years back.
    Had I been at my house I might have seen it for free.
    Such is life.

    What your employer needs is the right autistic savant for the file comparison.
    They work fast and don't get bored.

    1. Saw the Blackbird all the time at Kadena, never got boring seeing those jets. They flew one into Offutt to put in the museum there. They put on quite a nice little airshow before the pilot put her down for the last time. Those of us who worked aircraft all kind of sighed when she landed. We knew we were seeing the end of an era. The Skunk Works out at Lockheed outdid themselves with that one!

      An autistic savant. Not a bad idea. (Psst, don't tell my boss!)

  3. Oh I wouldn't want that job! No way.
    The blackbirds were pretty cool. I remember walking my walk along the San Diego harbor front and one night I saw them bring a blackbird off a barge and leave it there in the GD waterside storage lot. It later moved to a museum. Nice planes.

    1. She came in off a barge? Rather undignified end to a fine aircraft.

      As to the job, I know. I know.

  4. Unless I miss my guess, that's Osan... :-)

    1. Damn! I do believe you're right!

      (It's been awhile since I was at Osan and it was only for a few days.)


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