Monday, September 16, 2013

Insanity at the Navy Yard in DC

Washington DC Navy Yard
A shooter at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.

The world is truly going insane.

The Nuke works there, different building but she can see it all.

More to follow.

Prayers for the folks involved.


  1. WTF!? Glad The Nuke is Ok. Just seeing this now. Prayers as well.

  2. Hope all is ok for everyone.

    If the shooters name does not start with an "M" I will apologize later.

  3. This was in SN2's building... two floors above him. I got a call from him about 45 minutes ago, he and all his co-workers are OK.


  4. To all,

    Thanks for the prayers and the kind thoughts.

    There are some who will mourn because of this day. Let's especially remember those folks in our prayers.


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