Thursday, September 12, 2013


I'm on the road for a couple of days. Back "Up North" doing my thing.

No time for political rants or comedy or aircraft photos today. (Maybe.)

I'm sure some left-leaning pinko socialist Commie douchenozzle* will do something to rile me up. (They may have done that already, it was deuced hard to tell the political affiliation of the idiot who cut me off in traffic today, then slowed down to under the speed limit. Same with that ee-jit's insane brethren who were doing their best to make this morning's 100 mile commute unpleasant with just a hint of WTF.)

So until I get the time, the energy and/or the inclination to post something else today... quietly amongst yourselves.

* I have developed an inordinate fondness for this insult. Not sure why.


  1. Couldn't have been a Liberal, they don't believe in any cuts.

  2. It was all a part of the master plan to ruin your day.

    There are a number of the same folks out here messin' with me, too.

    The ones who really get under my skin are those who pull up to a stop sign on a side street, look right at me, and then turn right in front of me.
    I call those F_ck You turns.
    One day I just might not see one in time.

    1. You have just seen one of the few instances that word is used in my writing.

    2. Oooh, I know the type.

      Hates them I does.

    3. As regards the "fire truck" word (minus the "ire tr"). I don't really like using that word on the blog. Though I will if I feel the circumstances warrant its usage.

      Fancy way of say "That's exactly what that other driver is telling you." Therefore the name is precise and accurate.

      Circumstances my friend, circumstances.

    4. When I got to Kadena, I had to take the driving course so I could get my Japanese Driving License. The Master Sergeant (so you know it's God's Own Word) started the course by saying "Driving is different in Japan" and paused. Well, DuH! they drive on the other side of the road. He continued "...and not because they drive on the other side of the road. Driving is different because in the US, we follow a philosophy of 'I won't hit you'. Here, in Japan, they follow a philosophy of 'You won't hit me' " I was gobsmacked, he was exactly right! Now, unfortunately, that was about 25 years ago, and drivers in the US have shifted considerably to the "You won't hit me" model. Sounds like you and Uncle Skip ran into a few of those.
      The interesting thing about the MSgt's words are that they apply to so much more than just driving. I've been trying to put that concept into writing for, ohhh, about 25 years and haven't got it ready for prime time yet.

    5. Ah yes, driving at Kadena. When I got there, we drove on the right. When I departed they drove on the left. Note the change there, we versus they. Yes indeed. I took the conversion classe (required of course, I don't think the Japanese had to take it!) Then drove down to Camp Butler. Once. Left my beater in the parking lot as a donation. Never drove on Okinawa again.

      Driving on the opposite side of the road, it's not for the faint of heart.

      (Concur with your assessment of the Master Sergeant's words. Not a surprise, I'm sure.)

  3. Don't EVEN get me started on traffic... not after 713 miles in ten hours and 43 minutes today. I seriously doubt you could come up something I DIDN'T see today. ;-)

    Have fun up nawth. If you can...

    1. Insert "with" at the appropriate point above.

    2. Ten hours on the road...

      The horror...

    3. Heck, That's a 66.53188 mph average and higher if you added gas/food/pee breaks. That's not traffic, course it's also not the 80MPH average I posted in August between Kerrville and El Paso, but still.

    4. 80 mph average?

      I thought you didn't fly anymore Juvat?


    5. @Juvat: I would've been faster if that Texas State Trooper hadn't taken exception to my speed (82 in a 75) about ten minutes after I crossed into Tejas. The horror...

      No points, though... just a warning. ;-)

    6. Threads inside of threads. Nice.


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