Friday, February 15, 2013

A Week Ago Today

"The Morning After"
The February 2013 Nor'easter
As you may recall, a week ago we had a wee bit of snow here in the Northeast. Things are much nicer today than they were a week ago today. Yes, one week ago today is when we had our first blizzard of the season (and the Good Lord willing, the last!)

It struck me how different things look today as compared to last weekend. For example, here's what the famous Shed at Chez Sarge looked like today:

As compared to a week ago -

What a difference a week makes, neh?


  1. You still have snow on the ground... a week later?

    My condolences.


  2. Where I grew up (Vermont), we'd get semi-permanent snow on the ground sometime in November (sometimes earlier rather than later) and it would pretty much be there until late-March, sometimes early April.

    This? This is nothing. Last week was definitely SOMETHING, whose like I don't wish to see again. Truth be told.

    1. We had permanent snow when I was in Wakkanai (I have a label for that subject on the blog). You could literally walk over the top of the 10-foot chain link fence that surrounded the base once January rolled around. Wakkanai's average annual snowfall was purported to be 228 inches and I have no reason to doubt that figure.


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