Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aircraft Video Overdose

Perhaps I got a little carried away with the aircraft videos. I mean three of 'em! In one post. But I had to share, it's what I do. (Warning to Buck and others, yes, some of them have "cheesy" music. Just do what I do if annoyed turn the volume down.)

First some Viper action (including the T-Birds), then some Hornet stuff (the Blues, of course). Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Is this a GREAT country, or what?

    Apropos o' not much... the 'Birds are prettier than the Blues. ;-)

    1. Yes, you gotta love it.

      As regards your second remark, "Um, ah, sure Buck. We'll run with that." (As blue is my favorite color and as the Viper is arguably a prettier bird than the Hornet I can't come down strongly on either side of that argument. I guess it's one of those YMMV situations. But I won't disagree with you.)

    2. Well... blue is my favorite color, too. Especially when it's combined with red 'n' white. ;-)

    3. Well, ya got me there. How could any red-blooded American like myself disagree with that?


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