Friday, July 26, 2013

Will You Still Call Me Superman?

3 Doors Down
Okay, call it Friday music night, or something. I dunno. I just feel a need to inflict music on my faithful readers, followers, confidants and hangers-on. As always, play'em loud.

Now this first tune I first heard on the radio, in my car, sometime in the kinda way back. In the days when you could actually hear music on the radio. As opposed to 15 minutes of commercials, 10 minutes of babbling on-air "talent", and maybe, just maybe they'd play some freakin' MUSIC in that half hour of (ahem) "entertainment".

At any rate, I stumbled across this first tune tonight. There were a couple versions on the Tube of You-ness, one being the "official" music video, the other being the one I give you here. The former's sound quality was "meh" and the video is slightly creepy/weird. Now the latter, great sound quality (at least on my system) and it has the lyrics. No weird interpretation by someone of what they think the music represents. Nope. Just the music, just the lyrics.

The drums and the guitars in this tune are, to me, superb. They flow, they speak to me. As an amateur bassist I'm almost compelled to plug the old four-string in and play along. But the cats, the cats would object. (Perhaps if I could play the instrument better? They are very harsh critics. At least the kids will say, "Gee Dad, that was pretty close. You even hit some of the same notes as the band." Sigh...)

Well, enough blathering. 3 Doors Down and Kryptonite.

Now this next tune really gets me all nostalgic for Virginia Beach. A place I have declared my love for more than once. Never having been in the Navy and not ever having to deal with LANTFLT (Atlantic Fleet), I don't have the dislike/revulsion some sailors have for the Norfolk area. Oh well.

All three kids did time served in Norfolk/Oceana. The Naviguesser's first e-mail at the start of a deployment always seemed to start with, "Well, Dad, the Battle of Norfolk is over. We're at sea and we can go back to being sailors." I can grok that, any place with headquarters pukes can be most aggravating, to say the least.

Now the Nuke seemed to enjoy her time in Norfolk. But of course, she's a Nuke. They don't really answer to LANTFLT. No, their holy-of-holies is Naval Reactors (NR to those who know) not based in Norfolk but in DC. Think Hyman Rickover. So LANTFLT didn't bother the Nuke hardly at all. Even when she did her pre-Nuke destroyer tour.

Of course, the Nuke scares people. She's focused, fierce, determined and will not quit. Ever. Think of a combination of the Terminator and a Velociraptor. With a sweet and sunny disposition, most of the time.

Just. Do. Not. Piss. Her. Off.


Now the WSO and her husband Big Time are flying types. The world is their oyster so thee hadst best kneel before them, kiss their wings of gold, then stand aside. For they are elevated personages so far above we mere Earth-bound mortals that we can only dimly comprehend their world.

All I know is that the jets go fast and they make things go BOOM.

The flight suits and aviator sunglasses are also pretty cool. (Which by the by, always seem to smell like jet. And other stuff. As an old Phantom Phixer, I dig the jet smell. A lot.)

So anyway, the WSO, the Missus Herself, one of the WSO's best buddies in Virginia Beach, (Shannon) and Yours Truly were returning from an excellent lunch in an awesome waterfront 
restaurant in the WSO-mobile (Mailbox Killerwhen this tune came on the radio.

So the day was beautiful. I was in superb company. In one of my favorite places on the planet. My belly was full. And we were on our way to get iced coffee. My beverage of choice. (Yes, even when it's below zero. Remember, I'm a native Vermonter. From the pre-liberal-goofball-Bernie-Sanders days. When men were men and flatlanders were scared.)

So yes, I was feeling good and this song made me feel better. First time I'd heard it. Oddly enough, these guys were on Letterman that very evening and played this very tune. Synchronicity? Coincidence? Who cares? Great tune.

Oh yeah, awesome drums, nice bass line. Again, no weird video, strange interpretations and what-have-you. Nope. Music. And lyrics. 
Just sayin'... 

The Foo Fighters

Learn to fly? Why yes, I'd like that. Yes I would


  1. As a retired Navy guy, you can HAVE Norfolk... Ain't gonna tell you what 'we' called it! Never stationed there other than TAD, but it STILL was a PITA! Glad the kids are doing well!

    1. Don't need to tell me what you guys called it, I know that one. [snicker]

      Norfolk I can take or leave. It's Oceana and Virginia Beach I love.

      Of course, don't ever, ever ask me about Medina Annex at Lackland AFB. No love for that place, no love at all.

  2. Ah. Good tunes, and I try to find the vids with lyrics, as well.

    SN1 is liking Langley pretty much, so far. And "so far" doesn't really go a long ways as he just completed his first week at work at ACC/HQ... so he's barely found the latrine(s). But he's sent pictures of his new digs, his HHG have been delivered, and he's pretty much settled in. I'll be on-site next month for an inspection tour, so I'll give ya the results then.

    1. Looking forward to the inspection report.

      Re: "so he's barely found the latrine(s)" - Heh. We've been there, done that haven't we?

      My best to SN1 when you see him, Langley has to beat his last assignment.