Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mission Statement

When I started blogging back in March of '12, I wasn't really sure what direction I was going to take. Would I be serious? Would I be humorous? Would I be cutting edge? Would I provide deep and insightful commentary on the global situation? Would I talk a lot about history? Would I talk a lot about jets? Would I ramble on endlessly, asking pointless rhetorial questions?


Seriously, I am really playing it by ear. I blog about what I want to blog about. If you all wish to read my ramblings and comment on it, cool. In fact, that's awesome.

I get a fair amount of traffic here everyday. I remember the days when 50 page views seemed like a lot. Now I get depressed when the count dips below 250. Which it doesn't do very often.

OMG. Did that last sentence even make sense? I'm sure every English teacher I've ever had is now feeling faint (if still alive) or are spinning in their graves (if no longer with us). To be honest, English was never my strong suit. (Hhhmm, I'm sensing a digression here. But then again, this post hasn't really established a firm track just yet. I've got a bearing I think but no known course or speed.)

I'm thinking about putting all of my digressions/asides in italics from now on. But that would be establishing a certain standard, which I would then feel duty-bound to follow. And really I only do that at my paying job. In fact, most (if not all) of this paragraph should have been in italics. Or maybe not...

Yes, I am almost just typing in words at random at this point. My blog-slog earlier today left me somewhat depressed and enraged. We are being led to disaster by the worst pResident in history, the fool has no more business leading the United States than I would have in leading a synchronized swimming team at the Olympics. And I can't tell you what an unmitigated disaster that would be!

And with that mental image planted in your heads...

...I'm out.


  1. Ooh... a stream of consciousness post

    They're really great for clearing out the cobwebs

    You've been to my place... where we don't take anyone too seriously ...especially us

    I really like your eclectic approach

    1. Ah, that's what this was. Yes, "stream of consciousness post", sounds so much better than "idle and disorganized rambling".

      And you're right, my cobwebs are cleared. And yes, I visit your place every day. I like your current "Southerners series".

      Ooh, "stream of consciousness" and "eclectic" - IT, you've basically just justified my existence today.
      I feel so, I dunno, Kerouac-like. If that makes any sense.

    2. I feel so, I dunno, Kerouac-like. If that makes any sense.

      Or Kesey-like. Furthur! <=== Not a typo.

    3. As in "rock band founded in 2009 by former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh"?

      and ...One Flew Over...?

    4. And "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," which I was on about... primarily. The bus, Man, the bus. "Either you're ON the bus or you're OFF the bus." But I guess you might hadda had been there.

      Which brings us back to Kerouac and Kesey. I see a lil bit o' both here.

    5. But of course, Tom Wolfe and that lot. As you might guess, Google can be your friend if you dig deep enough. Or it can bite you in the butt if you don't.

      I did not. Gomen nasai.

      Merry Pranksters now rings a bell, a very faint one and way back in the bell tower.

  2. keep on keepin on brother.Do whatever you want I'll come take alook whatever it is.As long as it ain't in french.

    1. There's day I have no idea what I'm doing.

      But it is fun.

      Occasionally I do tend to toss French into the mix.
      (I'll try and remember to provide subtitles when I do. Heh.)


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