Sunday, July 7, 2013

Um, Should We Be Worried?

Okay, I had just put a post up and was getting ready to run down the blog list, when I see those five 6's all lined up.

So, just to be clear, I'm not blaming Tuna for this.

But it does seem kind of eerie that the day after his very first solo post, the blog hits 66,666 pageviews.

So, should we be worried?

Tuna? Talk to me buddy...


  1. Nah. No worries. But if it had been a stand-alone "666" I might would've been concerned, were I you.

  2. Ha! Not at all, you gotta hit that number on your way to a million. Check again, I'm sure it's at least 66,668 since Buck and I clicked here. As for Buck's comment- one of your posts hit 666 at one point. It was probably something about your kids which is no way associated with the mark so I'm sure we're all in the clear.

    1. Ah yes, it is a stepping stone on the way to a million! That's the way to look at it. And when I started this comment, we were up to 66966. 300 hits later. It's gotta be the baseball story Tuna. Who knew my readers were such avid fans of the Great American Pasttime?


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