Friday, July 12, 2013

Ich Liebe die F-4 Phantom

Ja, ich weiß, das Video ist auf Deutsch, aber es ist ein geiles Video!

Um, yes. So was that last sentence. For those who don't speak "die Sprache des Himmels", here's what I said...

Yes, I know the video is in German, but it's an awesome video!

German fighter pilots have always been (ahem) hot, but there is one Jagdflieger, well watch it and decide for yourself...

At the end of June 2013, the Luftwaffe retired the F-4 Phantom in a special ceremony in Wittmund, featuring this bird -

And here's a nice tribute to the Phantom in German service. Enjoy!


  1. Great Plane-Pr0n and I thank ya for it. That said, I could've done with a LOT more o' that blonde, pony-tailed Valkyrie in the first vid. I'm pretty sure she was just a back-seater on a media ride, but none the less... Zow. ;-)

    1. When I first watched the vid I couldn't really tell if she was a media-type or what. Then I realized that with the Phantoms roaring and the Valkyries riding... Who cares?


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